Added Albums not shown in Roon

Yesterday I ripped and added some 25 disks to Roon. All of the albums except two show up in the recently added view.
A Blues sampler and a Queen album (The 12“ Collection).
The blues sampler I could find via Genres view, so it’s not a big deal if it’s missing under „recently added“ as long as it’s there.
However the Queen album is completely missing, it’s not under recently added, nor under the artists page, nor I could find in the Genre pop/rock.
Showing duplicates is allowed, no such restrictions added by myself.

So how it comes that it’s missing (well it’s a bug) but how can I make it shown?

If you go to the Album Browser, and display “Sorted by Date Added”, do these two albums show up anywhere in the first 25 albums in the list (perhaps given a different name to what you were expecting)?

Answer: Only the Blues the sampler, not the Queen Album.

OK, and nothing showing in the list of skipped files? (Settings/Library/View Skipped Files)

Answer: list of skipped files is empty

Btw. The ripping software did recognise the album, so it‘s not an obscure bootleg,it‘s an official licensed record of Queen.

OK - I’ve moved this thread over to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of Roon’s Support Team.

To aid in the diagnosis, it would be helpful if you listed your Roon setup and network. And what do you use to rip your CDs? Thanks.

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Answer: my Roon Core is an Innuos Zen Mk.3
It has a built in CD drive, so ripping is done also with this unit.
Roon Remote runs on an iPad pro.

Right - so your CD ripper is an Innuous Mk.3 . I see from the manual that if a CD is not recognised, then it is placed into “quarantine” - and I suspect that this is a folder that is not watched by Roon - so Roon doesn’t know about it. Can you check to see if your Queen album has in fact ended up in the Innuous “quarantine” folder?


Hello @Dan_Rosen, geoff has a good suggestion here and I’m here to help as well. Please let us know if you find the missing tracks in that quarantine folder. Thanks!

I added over 1100 Albums to this music server and never before an Album stranded in the quarantine section. But this. Reason: „damaged tracks“.
I could fix it somehow (ignore the damaged track) and then it was transfered to the library.
Problem solved!
Thanks a lot. I should have known that, but after 1000 albums without problems I seem to forget about it.
Case closed.


Hey @Dan_Rosen, glad you found it! Please let me know if you need help in the future.

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