"Added" date is not really when i added album


I am importing my albums to Roon “organized folder” but i am in trouble that most of my albums shows wrong added date. i put rolling stone’s top 500 albums to Roon organized folder yesterday
But Roon shows me most of this albums shows “added Jan 1 2016”
I usually use “Sort by Date Added” on album view,
I can’t get the albums list what i expect to see because of wrong added date on albums.
I wonder why album’s added date is not same day when i put files to Roon organized folder.
Is there any relation file creation time or modification time?
I didn’t look up the meta data of albums but any relation to meta data of files?
I’d like to know how album added date is set up on Library DB by Roon Server .


Is Jan 1 the creation date of the files in the file system? In my opinion that’s what added means not the date added to Roon itself, which I think you are looking for?

If I was a new Roon user I wouldn’t want to lose the historical added information stored within the filesystem objects.

The “Added” date by default should be when the files were first imported into Roon.

You can use your file’s modification or creation dates by selecting the tracks or albums, and editing the import date.

This could solve a big problem for me with my reorganized folder situation. Can I select all my albums and change the import day to the file ceation date? Is there any risk? I can always go back, right?

Also, one thing that I’ve noticed since I switched to RoonServer is that when I delete an album and then re-copy it, Roon doesn’t mark the reimported album as new, but keeps the old import date. Is there a way to change that so that a reimported album shows up as new?

Yup, this is what I did with my main library when editing was implemented a while back, and you’re correct – this is non-destructive. The setting affects how your music is displayed in Roon, but the underlying data about when the albums were added to Roon’s dataabse is still intact.

That’s because Roon is tracking the audio data in the file and recognized it when you add it back into your library. We’re going to be very careful about ever marking an album new if we’ve seen it before, as this would mean edits, playcounts, playlists, etc could all be affected.

You can edit the import data manually or, after deleting the album, go into Settings > Setup > Clean Up Library, and wipe Roon’s database of “missing” files – just be aware that you’ll lose any edits or user data associated with ANY files that Roon considers “missing” at that tie.


I’ve just found this and solved a ‘problem’ for me (by following the steps above to get a ‘realistic’ timeline for my music collection). I think it would be great if this could be highlighted in the original import process (or was it?!); I don’t think the default behaviour here is what most users would necessarily expect or want (if given the option).

Just my tuppence ha’penny’orth. Keep up the good work!