Added PC to home network-Roon Core on MacBook-Roon wants new authorization

I have Roon Core on MacBookPro (storage on Qnap NAS); connection via home network.
Core runs fine through home audiophile system; Other computers occasionally connected using Roon software.

I just bought an HP Windows 10 system. Roon software runs fine, but when it connects with Roon Core, software says I am exceeding number of authorizations.

I do NOT want an additional core, just want to connect he PC to the existing core.

Need help untangling this.
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Hey @Eugene_Levine,

When you first open up Roon you should see the option to Choose your Roon Core. You should have the option to connect to your Roon Core on the MacBook Pro, or you can choose Use This PC which will use that PC as your Core machine. It will look like the following (I’m using a PC remote with a ROCK Core):

Do you see your MacBook Core showing here?

It sounds as though you may have accidentally started up a Roon Core on your new HP. On that machine, go to the Roon Settings page, and see what the Roon Core it is using is. If it’s one running on the HP, then press the Disconnect button, and you should end up on a page similar to that shown by Dylan. There you can choose the Core on your MacBookPro.

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Hi Dylan:

I do get the Choose Your Roon Core screen. It correctly identifies the existing Core, indicates Ready, and offers me the “Connect” button.

When I click on the Connect button, a new screen appears:

“Authorization:” saying I have already authorized 1 device, “so if you want to use this Core to manage your library, please unauthorize it below, or get an additional membership…”

I just want to access the existing core.

BTW this is a current version of Windows 10 on an i7-8700 PC with 16 GB of RAM.

Have I perhaps downloaded the wrong Roon software?

Thanks for the quick reply.

False Alarm (with thanks to Geoff and Dylan).

I left the MacBook disconnected last night. When I turned the MacBook on just now, it appeared and the software on the PC recognized it and showed me he library.

Thanks again for the help - sorry for the false alarm.

Roon software

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