Added various artist album. Artists not showing

I added 6 titles by 6 artists as 6 separate albums. I then merged the 6 titles into one album… perfect. However the artists are not showing when I sort by artist. Example LOVE by Nat King Cole and A Fine Romance by Joe Derise to name 2. Neither Nat nor Joe show in the Artist list. A search shows them correctly as library artists. But I cannot find them if I scroll through the artists. The album is Dinner at 8 and is displayed in Roon as Various Artist which is correct. Each track shows in the album and displays the artist as “performed by” correctly. How do I get the artists to show up in my artist listing display?

Thanks Howard

Hi Howard,

Do you have any other albums by these artists ? It may be that an appearance on a Various Artists album isn’t sufficient to trigger an Artist entry.

I’d suggest using a Playlist rather than merging into a single album.

Hi Andrew

I found this from 2016 in the support data base: Roon will “only show artists that have albums in your library. Or to be a little more technical about it, we only show performers that have “Main Performer” credits on albums.”

That means that the artist without an album, but listed on a various artists album will Not be added to the artist list because that artist is defined as a “performing artist” not an “album artist”.

So is there a way to remove the primary artist BUT still display the artist in the artist list so I can browse for that artist?

It would be a nice feature if ROON would add the performing artist, as ROON defines it, to the artist list and not JUST add the album artists. Is that possible in a future update?

It seems that when editing the Album, if you add a primary artist, that primary artist appears in the artist list. But when you view the album, the track itself does NOT show the performing artist. When you remove the primary artist in the edit album profile, the artist disappears from the artist list, while the track now shows the performing artist.



I have found a solution to this problem, it won’t be suitable for everybody though.

I don’t use or maintain the Composer tag, when browsing Composers in Roon it shows all composers even on Various Artist albums so using Media Monkey & the Find & Replace addon I copied the Artist tag to the Composer tag on all my files, so now in Roon I can browse all Artists using the Composer browser.

This obviously isn’t suitable for those who use the Composer tag but works for me, why the Roon developers just don’t add the ability to browse using the Artist tag is just nonsensical.

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