Adding a new sub-genre to the Roon classical genre

I’d intended to start using my own genres from the file tags once this was possible. Since the 1.1 update though I’ve realised that the Roon classical genres are so close to my own, and in some cases better, that I’ve decided to just use Roon genres.

The only thing lacking is a way to identify solo, non-keyboard, instruments, e.g. violin, cello, classical guitar. These now appear under Chamber Music, whereas I had them grouped with keyboard instruments under an Instrumental genre. I do really like having a separate Keyboard genre, so is there an easy way to add a new solo instrument sub-genre, without having to switch on my own genres?

@chrisbyrd You can create a genre and add it to anything. I think I remember reading that even more genre specific updates were coming, so I am just planning out what I’d like to do. Given that we will be getting even more editing capability, I find it better to try out the new stuff, plan on how I want it to be in the end and wait until all the editing peices are available. I personally only want to go through and clean up my system once.

Thanks Daniel, it’s probably a good idea to hold off until we see what’s coming next so so I think I’ll do this.