Adding a random album option when viewing albums, or making more options to explore your library similar to plexamp would be awesome

Below is an example of some of the things you can do with Plexamp. The “Random Album Radio” Keeps picking random albums in your library non-stop as you play through them. The “Sonic Adventure” is cool, because you can pick two different artist and it will build a path that eventually leads from the first one to the second one. That’s not even mentioning the new “guest dj” features they introduced recently.

Roon is miles ahead in many ways, but I’d still love to have more options to explore my library. Even a “Random Album” option would do wonders, and wouldn’t require massive resources to build out.


There are several open feature suggestions for random album picking. This is the active one with the most votes where you can add yours:

The sonic adventure is a really great idea that should have it’s own request. I didn’t find any related existing one, so maybe you want to create one in #feedback:feature-suggestions

Don’t know what Guest DJ is but if it’s have as good you should create a new suggestion thread as well :slight_smile:

I think the major difference, is that I don’t want it to “only” select a random album, I want it to pick a random one and constantly add more random ones to the the queue. Regardless, thanks for the link! I placed a vote there in support.

There are a ton of features that Roon doesn’t have that plexamp has, but I really don’t want to be spamming the board with so many requests, especially from one “newish” user.

Also, here’s a small clip of the the guest djs. There are more available than what’s displayed.

It basically builds a dynamic queue for whatever you’re playing.

I think the requestor wanted that as well because they were talking about albums in plural for a fun evening. From doing this with a click or automatically is not a big leap. You could also add them to the play queue maybe. Anyway, if you add your additional ideas to that thread, they probably have a better chance to be seen by Roon staff.

That Guest DJ thing sounds really neat, does that work well?

And I wouldn’t worry about adding requests, that’s what the feature is there for, I suppose. Many won’t ever get implemented, but then at least they are recorded. I’m afraid here in Discussion, with so much traffic, they will simply sink into oblivion

i agree that Plexamp offers very nice features for auto playlists based on several options.
Roon has only radio for that. It’s nice, but i think it would be very useful to introduce some fun and differents options for music discovery :slight_smile:

The guestdj feature is very similar to the playlist effect you could get with musicip
October 2015

That’s actually really cool, I hadn’t heard of that. Plex actually does a very similar thing the thing they call sonic analysis. It really makes a difference when stringing songs together. If Roon could pull that off along with valence, it’d be unstoppable.

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