Adding a subwoofer to my system

Cambridge Audio CXA81 integrated and CXN V2 streamer/dac, hooked up to some (now old) Linn Ninka floorstanders. The Ninkas sound great especially in the midrange but lack some support on the bottom end. I’m thinking about adding a sub but I’m finding it tough to distinguish between subwoofers that are aimed at the home-theatre crowd, for movie explosions etc, versus subwoofers aimed at the 2 channel hifi user. Or—is there not really a difference?

The ninkas are very tight, precise, speakers and I’m looking for something to fill out the bottom end that is similarly precise and dynamic, not mushy.

Any thoughts/advice appreciated. Budget is in the $2k or under neighborhood.

The other fleeting thought I had was to replace the ninkas with a fuller range speaker. Again, thoughts/advice appreciated. Budget may go up a bit in that case.

For reference the ninkas are -3db at 50 Hz according to the spec sheet.

I’m partial to SVS. I have the micro in my bedroom and 3 PB2000 Pro’s in my living room for home theater but I also have a dedicated 2ch system in there that uses two of the PB2000’s. People generally consider sealed for music, ported for movies but it really depends on the brand, model, room and bass tastes/preference. I have a very open floor plan surrounding my living room so I went ported (90% of the time I watch movies/TV in there anyway) but they sound great with music too. I’m also using room correction (Audyssey on my AVR and filters from HAF for Roon/music).


REL subwoofers using the Hi Level Neutrix speaker connections.

T/9x is a popular model.


If you can find a used Goldenear SuperSub XXL, I’d definitely put that on your list. I was able to find two on the aftermarket just a couple of months ago for about $1,500 delivered each - $2,500 new. They have outstanding low end range and slam and partner musically very well with my Revel F328Be mains. JCR

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I’d recommend you take a look at Arendal. I have the 1961 1S supporting a pair of Kef LSX in my office.

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I can thoroughly recommend REL subwoofers (they’re unported, so far) buy the best you can afford and take your time on setup & integration with your main speakers. Once working well you’ll stay with subs forever, the overall benefits can’t be overestimated IMHO.


Rythmik Audio • Servo subwoofer products

I have a pair of these and recommend them highly. The setup is super simple and you can vary it based off what you plan to do. HT flip a switch, 2 channel throw it back. It basically changes crossover points. I don’t bother I use it 2-channel 98% of the time.

They were reasonably priced IMO. 1 was nice. 2 they disappeared.

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I don’t know if BK electronics are where you are? Like REL of old only much cheaper. Great buys.

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I second SVS, have a SB13 Ultra.
Full DSP adjustable.

It blended in seamlessly.

Had a pair of Martin Logan Dynamos previously, both ported.
The SVS sealed single sub kicked tons of sand in the Dynamo’s faces.


I added a REL S510 sub to my B&W 702 S2 tower speakers. The 702’s are great speakers, but seemed to lack the wider sound stage I was looking for. When I added the REL, the change was immediate. I would not have believed a subwoofer could make that much of a difference. Consequently I can now listen to music for hours on end. I hear instruments in songs I have never heard before. Before I bought the REL, I purchased a Hegel H390 amplifier. That combined with the speaker setup and I think I have reached Nirvana.

I am currently building my Roon library of music.


That’s amazing Nick thanks for that. I have heard similar stories from others too about adding a sub (a good sub).