Adding a watched folder

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus + with Mac OS 13.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus Zen mesh network with Nucleus and Mac on ethernet

Description of Issue

I am not able to add my music folder through network share in Roon. I have read all of the articles that I could find on this trying all of the steps described: exporting iTunes library.xml to the music folder, allowing file sharing including smb, adding local host ISP to path, adding user name and pw with path. I still get Invalid network path specified with all attempts. Any other ideas at finding the correct path would be appreciated

Post a screenshot or two of what you have tried.

Welcome to the forum. Screenshots will help. I don’t understand where your music share is, on the Mac?

You first need to “share” it, do this by hitting + in “Preferences > Sharing”. The smb://blablabla/music path (as shown) is then what’s entered in the watched folder path.


Sorry for the delayed response. Tried replying directly which must not have worked.

I am trying to use music on my mac. I have tried turning file sharing on:

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 3.22.38 PM (2).png

I’ve tried both using my username/pw and not including it, as I read in 1 article that that could be a fix. I have used various forms of the sentence in the network share location box including the IP address listed in the file sharing box. Not sure if I’m missing something there….

Your screenshot is a bit difficult to read, but in the “Add Network Share” screen, you appear to have smb:/imac.local... instead of smb://imac.local...

Just tried fixing that without success.

I suspect the rest of that filepath definition that you’ve used is wrong as well. It looks too long to me. It should be of the form smb://<Mac name>/<shared folder name> only…

Well, just tried smb://iMac/Users/wackyatx/Music and now get "There was an Unexpected error: Unexpected error

Tried it with and without my username and password without success…

I think you will find that your shared folder name is Music and not /Users/wackyatx/Music

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That did it!

Thanks so much


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