Adding albums adds all its tracks to "Tracks" list too - basics fart!


I have a Roon experience that is quite frustrating. For background, I only stream Tidal via Roon and generally, I favorite an Album in Tidal’s app and the album is added to my favorite albums without ALL its songs ALSO being added to my favorite tracks. So when I have time, I listen to entire albums and only put the tracks I like from those Albums to my favorite tracks…but not in Roon.

If I add an Album, all the tracks in that album are added automatically to my favourite tracks (which in Roon I believe is under the “Tracks” tab)…I dont want that…I just want the Album to appear in my Albums without corresponding loads of tracks added to my “Tracks” or Favourites like you can do in Tidal.

This coupled with the fact that I cant see Tidal’s “My Mixes” or Artist “Top Tracks” is very frustrating and basically brings my Roon experience to a Halt. I dont want to discover new music from “My Mixes” or Artist “Top Tracks” on Tidal app and then come back to Roon for actual listening.

Any way to get around my above ‘very basic’ challenge with my USD700 SW that’s supposed to playback audio the way I want it to?


Did you drop the $700 before looking to see if it had all the functionality you wanted?


You could make a Feature Request.

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Good question. I liked the EQ and DSD upscaling features a lot and for me the SQ was a massive improvement on my PC VS the Native Tidal App + Peace EQ which uses Windows direct sound and resamples the signal. Yeah, I like to EQ based on my Headphones and do plan to upgrade to decent speakers soon when Roon’s RAAT with definitely come in handy!

The other thing I liked was the fact that Roon seemed to bring in new features almost every year…so it was a evolving piece of SW…anyways Tidal did up the game with enhancements to their SW but the SQ limitations in my setup remain.

All this, but some of the most basic things still remain to be included in Roon…

Anyways, any view on my question by any chance?

Did already, but not sure if it got received as I created my own thread with a list of shortcomings I’d like to be addressed in Roon ASAP…which were very basic in nature:

Tidal Features Request and other Glitches in Roon SW - Support - Roon Labs Community

If you add an album it comes with all the tracks, not sure I understand that problem.
If you go to tracks and select the heart, only your fav tracks show up. Works for me, I often just swim through Fav tracks

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I see. So which list would be the ‘Favorite’ equivalent of Tidal in Roon? Maybe you mean Tracks>pressing heart gives only the favorite songs? I just wanted a full list/folder only of the Favs like Tidal and wanted to add Albums (without touching any other Roon track list) for later listening on the fly…well, maybe you cant have everything…

The only way I have figured out to add albums without touching my “tracks” list (which I feel is closest to something like Tidal Favs list) is by creating a new playlist for each Album…that way it doesnt touch the “tracks” list in Roon…manual and well, shouldnt be that way!

I find the current behavior quite logical. Tracks is just another view into my library, so it includes tracks from all albums in my library. BTW, Audirvana behaves similarly. Conversely, if I add specific track(s) of an album to my library, the album also shows up under albums, with only those track(s).

Looks like you prefer Tidal behavior, so you should probably use Tidal directly instead of via Roon?

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