Tidal Features Request and other Glitches in Roon SW

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 Acer i5 8th Gen, 16 GB RAM running Roon 1.7 build 667

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Internet speed 75 MBps/Rogers Canada/WiFi 5Ghz

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Running core and listening directly to PC

Description Of Issue

Tidal integration needs improvements - the following improvements ASAP - with Other Glitches - I only use Roon to listen to Tidal and have no local files:

  1. Integration of My Mixes - Dont say it can be done as my USB Audio Player Pro App in Android has this…

  2. The Roon Remoteis not detected often by my Android phone. It doesnt untill I restart the program on Core PC or change the WiFi to 5GHz. It works other times…

  3. The Roon SW asks to login every alternate time I try to access it. As mentioned i am running core on PC and listening to it

  4. MOST IMPORTANT: When I select an artist by clicking it…No TOP SONGS are displayed only songs in my Library (already fav in Tidal) appear with full Tidal Albums below…i need to see all songs in track list form when i select an artist

  5. The ‘Tracks’ in Tidal ‘Favorites’ section cannot be sorted by date added and I have to navigate to Tracks section and then sort by date - I want to be able to sort things everywhere…its dumb that I cant so it already!

  6. The ‘Tracks’ section doesnt keep the selected sort upon restart ie it sorts the track list back to first song earlier and new ones below…I always have to reset the sorting to newer songs first.

  7. The Roon Radio should be able to run radios for artists, albums and playlists etc…not just one song thats playing…thats dumb too!

  8. The ‘Discover’ section should feature songs not just from my LIbrary but also from other Tidal sources ie songs i have not heard before and those not from my Library. Assuming i know my Library well already, the ‘Discover’ feature telling me the same info is Dumb!

While you guys are at it and if Valence is such a big deal…bring in some smart playlists and a Flow feature (Playing unlimited songs based on my overall preference - Like Deezer…but better!)…coz franky I am finding it very hard to say that Roon enhances my music experience any more than Tidal native app already does!



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Hi @SHOAIB_AHMED1 — Thanks for reaching out!

I’d like to address some of you’re requests first, and then we can move on to the issues you’re experiencing:

We have a Feature Request about this here:

The Feature Request category is closely watched by our team, and it’s a great place for everyone to give feedback on what they want to most see in the future, so I definitely recommend adding your voice there!

There are currently some limitations around Top Tracks that we are hoping to improve in the future. I can’t provide any specifics just yet, but definitely keep an eye out for changes here in a future update!

This is possible! Head over to the Tracks browser in Roon (not in the TIDAL section). You can use Focus to select only TIDAL tracks and then sort and filter however you’d like! You can also save your selection for easy access by using a Bookmark.

It is possible to start Roon Radio for both Albums and Artists! If you click the arrow next to the Play button you’ll see the option to start Roon Radio:

Similar to my Top Tracks comment above, we are aware of some of the limitations of the current Discover page and have some ideas on how to improve this in the future. I can’t provide any specifics or timelines just yet, but we think you’ll like what we have in mind!

Now, to focus on the issues:

Do other remotes have this issue? What kind of router are you using? Do you have any other networking gear in use (access points, switches, etc.)?

We are tracking a few reports of this and our QA team is working to get this resolved soon. I can’t provide any timelines at this stage, but we are hoping to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We will look into this.

Thanks again for all the feedback, @SHOAIB_AHMED1! We really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Before I respond, let me say I am planning to shell out a Lifetime sub for Roon tomorrow (as my trial is expiring) but am still not confident on the value proposition it brings to the table due to the issues/shortcomings noted above and in this post. I really feel $499 was a more fair price for what Roon offers.

The only reason I am subing to Roon is because with EQ and with DSD upsamling…it simply sounds far better on my system (and my freind’s system) than any other SW and that includes Audirvana! I am using a THX 789 Amp and a SMSL M500 DAC and listening through an IFI Ipurifier USB reclocker on my Sennheiser HD800S, Hifiman Arya and Focal Elegia…the observation of Roon sounding better is common on all my headphones!

Thanks. I am surprised the feature request was made first in 2018 and is still is not done yet. If you guys agree that this feature is worth bringing in…it should not take this long if customer satisfaction is your priority…just stating the obvious! Can you please Tag this post to feature request area so it doesnt get missed and I hope it doesnt remain open for another 3 years!

OK. See the thing is as you are aware, Roon does show some artist top tracks, only rarely! Again top tracks could be fetched via Tidal’s own listings or from within your Valence platform which should be an easy feature if Valence is mature enough to enhance customer value…I hope its not a half baked AI feature…as this is then only a matter of pulling the intelligence from it to make top track lists.

Ok. Now whilst I agree its possible in ‘Tracks’ section, this is a sorting feature and should not be list specific…ie all my lists including Tidal’s favorites should be able to be sorted…i feel like an idiot even asking for being able to sort things in such an advanced ‘Music and file management’ software such as Roon!

Alright. Well my request was to be able to start Roon based on free flowing selections and playlists. What I mean is that I should be able to select n number of songs from any playlist or Album or full Playlists etc. and start Roon Radio based on my selection. The feature youve mentioned is already there in Tidal app so I dont see any value…in fact I see certain limitations.

I am glad you have plans. I see this as a critical part of Roon product value proposition and all that intelligence…Valence or otherwise isnt being tapped into unless customers see Roon adding unforgettable songs and experiences in their existing suite of options…then there is the usual delay in feature improvements…reminds me of how Samsung behaves with their phone updates…no offence :upside_down_face:

I also have Audirvana sub and its remote works flawlessly…most of the times Roon remote works as well but at other times it just doesnt detect a Core. I am using a Rogers provided Modem in Canada…its pretty standard and I do not have any in between APs…its a direct WiFi connection to the Router.

Thanks. Appreciate expediting this…

Let me know if you need any info from my side.

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