Adding albums from Tidal seems slow Roon continues to add in background

(simon arnold) #24

It’s up and down so I feel this must be my internet provider. Searching seems improved but adding still takes some time.

(Mr Fix It ) #25

I had a similar issue adding some tidal albums in the last 16-24 hours…will keep an aye on things in the coming day or 2. Im on Gigabit connection so no bandwidth issues here

(simon arnold) #26

I’m on 200mb I wonder if it’s Tidal themselves?

(simon arnold) #27

Just found out there is a fault on out bit of the FTC. So likely this is the cause as it was ok until recently. Just found out from a neighbour who is having it installed and they have had to delay it.

(Noris) #28

@simon_arnold - I’m not sure what you mean by FTC but if you were able to narrow down the issue to the ISP connection itself then that’s a good step in the right direction. Do let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with here.


(simon arnold) #29

FTC Fibre To Cabinet

(simon arnold) #30

Hi @support finding adding or search albums/tracks from Tidal is painfully slow today. My connection is fine and the Tidal app searched lightning fast from the same computer. All albums in my library are also fast but if searching Tidal they can take upto 30secs to show up after clicking on the album. Is there something going on?

(Noris) #31

Hey @simon_arnold,

I can take a look at the diagnostics, but can you please let me know a few timestamps of when you notice this behavior and the Core/Remote that you are using?


(simon arnold) #33

Its happening now. Happens on Windows remote or android app both wireless, server is running on a separate i7 with ROCK hardwired gige 200mb internet. I rebooted the core earlier but it made no difference.
I’ll pm you my email for the account I’m licensed on as this one is different

(simon arnold) #34

Just did a search at 18.33 gmt


All seems normal for me

(Noris) #36

Thanks for letting me know @simon_arnold,

I can confirm that diagnostics have been received and I have asked QA to take a look. Appreciate your patience until this reaches their queue.

– Noris

(simon arnold) #37

Thanks Noris. It’s not the first time its been like this so be good to get an idea of what’s causing it.

(Noris) #38

Hello @simon_arnold,

QA took a look at your logs and I can confirm that this is the same issue that you posted on here (Tidal Syncing Issues [Ticket Open]). Please keep an eye on that thread and once the fix is live we will be announcing it there.


(simon arnold) #39

That’s good news. Thanks Noris. Great service as always.

(Noris) #40

Hello @simon_arnold,

I wanted to check in with you here, are you still experiencing issues after our server-side changes?


(simon arnold) #41

Hi Noris Seems to have improved yes. Will post back if I get it again.