Adding albums to MusicBrainz the "relatively" easy way

I’ve never been a big musicbrainz user because getting data into their database has always been a pretty tedious process. Roon’s dependence on musicbrainz to identify albums not in Tivo’s metadata has forced me to revisit getting album metadata into musicbrainz. Some things I’ve learned that make the process a little easier:

  • install tampermonkey or an equivalent that enables you to run javascript inside your browser
  • then install the following userscripts in your browser to enable semi-automated submission of metadata to musicbrainz

  • Enable the Add Cluster as Release Plugin in MusicBrainz Picard to enable semi-automated submission of metadata to musicbrainz from within Picard (for those rate cases when an album isn’t on Deezer) and you have to use your tag metadata

  • Read the piece on adding and maintaining metadata here:

  • Read how to add a release here:

  • Read how to add an artist here:



I read your instructions, but still can’t figure out how to use this. For example, there is a script for Import DG/Decca releases to MusicBrainz as well as Import Qobuz releases to MusicBrainz. Not sure how you use this to import the information into Musicbrainz.


Depending on your sources for data and technical level these links may or may not be more useful:

Both technologies are from 1999:

I was totally wrong the stuff I listed is for querying the data only.

Navigate to the album page on the service you want to scrape data from and an Import to Musicbrainz button will appear on screen.