Adding an album to library while listening displays as if not in library

Core Machine

Windows 10 20H2, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 64 GB memory

Network Details

Ethernet > Netgear switch > Verizon router

Audio Devices

Schiit Modi 2 USB DAC

Library Size

1245 albums

Description of Issue

I’ll walk you through it. Let’s say I find a new album to listen to on Qobuz and it’s not in my library already. I browse to the album/track page, start playing it, and decide that I like it. I click the + button to add it to my library. All good so far. Now, if I browse away from that now playing album/track page, and then come back to the album/track page through the Now Playing links on the bottom left of the app, the album/track page appears as if the album is not in my library. If I browse to it via My Albums, it shows as a normal library entry, but that page does not indicate that it’s currently playing. It’s almost as if they are two separate pages. Only if I stop playback, then play the album from my library, does it work as expected.

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Essentially, when you’ve add an album to your library, there’s a library copy and a non-library copy for all Qobuz albums. I presume it’s the same with Tidal as well. I’m not talking about different versions of the same album (e.g 16/44.1 and 24/96). I’m talking about two copies of the same version. I’m sure that “copies” is the wrong word, but I can’t think how else to describe it.

You can replicate this by finding an album on the Qobuz tab that you’ve already added to you library, playing it, navigating to your library copy and seeing the exact same behaviour that you describe. Just tried it myself with a new release from today.

Perhaps thinking of a Qobuz album being added to the Library as being a clone of the Qobuz album might help? They now exist as two separate album “objects” in Roon’s database.

I agree it can be confusing at first, but once you realise that there are two separate objects here (the album on the Qobuz streaming service that may be playing, and the album clone in your Library that is not), then perhaps it may become clearer.

Read more about this:

If you think this is wrong or unexpected behavior, add your voice to the feature request:


Hmm. Clearly a deep topic! It is understandable that they would be two different objects, but I figured that after adding something to my library, the library object would be the preferred one. The app seems capable of displaying the library object instead of the Qobuz object immediately after adding it to the library without disrupting playback (the icon changes from plus to heart), so it still seems odd that the act of browsing away from the page somehow changes the “now playing” object back to the Qobuz one.

The Qobuz app operates very differently from Roon Library. When you add a track to your Library (albeit using the “Favourite” function) it means that you can alter a whole load of metadata. So, by definition, you have 2 separate “objects”. The original and your altered version.

The Library object will be the preferred one in Roon. You would only see the original object if you navigate via the Qobuz tab. It does make sense, but only when you see if from the point of view of how Roon’s deep integration works.

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