Adding content to a TIDAL-generated playlist

hi guys.
im using roon and tidal.
2 screenshots below.

when in Roon and i go to Tidal playlists i see them all there.
but when i lke a song and wish to add it to playlist it doesn’t show
the Tidal ones…instead i have been having to create new ones in Roon
to try to duplicate my Tidal playlists.

tidal playlists

adding a song doesn’t show tidal playlists

Hi @j_c ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, very appreciated!

In order to add content to or edit, a TIDAL generated playlist you must “save a local copy” and then add it to Roon (example below).

FYI: More information about playlist in Roon can be found here in our knowledge base.


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The title seems misleading to me as this thread does not discuss importing tidal playlists into roon but editing tidal playlists already in Roon

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It’s a three year old thread. If you want to import a playlist from Tidal, you can favor it in Tidal, then go to Roon - Settings and do a Tidal sync.

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I fixed the title @Patrick_Bryson. Since this is a very old thread though, I will also go ahead and lock it.

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