Adding lyrics to a track & marking up titles

How do I add manually add lyrics and make notations to song titles.
(i.e. noting a title with #1 2016 at the end)

I don’t believe you can add or edit lyrics. However, you should be able to edit the song title, by highlighting the track, hit Edit, Go to Edit Track, first option is the title. Just put in your new song title.

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I would recommend putting notations into Tags, as opposed to editing song titles. Tags are going to be searchable and “focusable”, and won’t risk breaking links that Roon’s metadata service finds.

For example, our metadata service knows of over 600 performances of Gershwin’s composition Summertime, but you’re not going to necessarily see any of that if the song is titled Summertime #1 2016.

Roon was build specifically so you don’t have to mangle song titles in that way, so I would strongly recommend looking into Tags for this kind of organization.

More details here.

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