Adding more cover art

Hi- I’m sure this is an old question but I couldn’t find what I’m looking for. I’d like to add more cover art or concert photos etc that would show up on the ‘now playing’ screen that scrolls through photos. Some titles have one and other have 3 or 4 that change while the song plays. That’s really cool.



OK, I was able to add/save an image but it only replaces the cover art. Is there a way to add that image to the ‘artist photos’ that show up on the ‘now playing’ screen?

Hi Mark. I only add/save the front cover of each album to the song tracks metadata. And I place the other remaining artwork I have images of in the album folder. This has allowed me to view the appropriate album cover when searching for an album to play. And the other images located within the album folder will appear in the now playing screen.

Hi John- Thanks! So I have added the new image to the album folder folder in the SSD in my Nucleus. I guess at some point Roon will scan it and it will appear?

So I can see the new image under the album tab and click on that, but it still doesn’t show up when ‘artist photo’ is selected and Roon displays different photos during playback. I wonder where Roon get’s those photos form? Hopefully there is a way to add additional photos Roon can draw from. For some songs with multiple artists playing the ’ artist photo’ changes among them. It’s very cool. For a band like Fleetwood Mac to only have one black and white photo throughout the entire song seems rather odd.

Right, believe you can only view one image assigned to each artist attributed to the song track you are listening to when viewing the artist tab on the now playing screen. And you can add images to artists that are missing an image. See if this community discussion helps in that regard…

How to Add Missing Artist Images