How to Add Missing Artist Images


When I browse by Artist, there are a lot of artist images missing. For example:

Aaron Roberts
The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project
Australian Crawl
Ayres Rock
Backstreet Blues
Baker’s Daughter
Bill Hayley & His Comets
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
Bix Beiderbecke
Blind Willie Johnson
Blind Wllie McTell
Brian Cadd
Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band
Chris Wilson
Chubby Rae & the Elevators
Colloured Balls
The Commitments
Cotton, Keays & Morris
Daddy Cool
Dan Dinnen
Deborah Conway
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
Django Reinhardt
Domenic Miller
Eric Burdon & the Animals
Eric Weissberg
Hank Marvin
Hugo Montenegro
Inka Marka
Irwin Thomas
Janis Jopin & the Full Tilt Boogie Band
Jersey Boys
Jim Belushi
Jim Belushi & the Sacred Heards
Jimi Hocking
Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
John Waters
Johnny O’Keefe
Keith Jarret Trio
Larry Maluma
Leonardo’s Bride
Little Big Horns
Lobby Loyde
The Masters Apprentices
Matt Taylor
Max Merritt
Mike Rudd & Bill Pitt
Miller, Glenn Orchestra
Mr. Black & Blues
No Nonsence
Noel Watson
Paul Barry
Paul Kelly & the Stormwater Boys
Paul McDermott
Peter Best
Phil Emmanuel
Philharmonic Orchestra
Philippe Kahn
Plastic Ono Nuclear Band
The Shondells
Spike Milligan
St Michael and All Angels Choir
Stevie Wright
Thump’n Pig & Puff’n Billy
Tim Rogers
Tony McManus
The Vibraphonic Orkestra
Vince Jones
Wendy Saddington and the Copperwine
Willy Zygier

You’ll may notice that many of the above are Australian artists.

I can’t find anything in the Roon Knowledge Base about adding Artist images. Searching the forums gives mixed information as to what to do. So can someone from Roon Labs please let me know the recommended image size and file format for artist images, plus how they are added?

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

try this
For some of mine I added an image named folder.jpg to the music folder directory the album is in and then selected that in Roon.
Like this:

and it shows up in Roon like this:

I’m not trying to add album images. When my ripping process doesn’t find album artwork, I scan the artwork myself and add a 1000x1000 Folder.jpg file in the album’s directory. Then when the album is added to the Roon library, that artwork is used, or if not, I can tell Roon to use it.

My problem is the Artist images that Roon doesn’t have. What size should they be? Where should they be kept? How do I add them?

I’m using an Intel i7 based ROCK with Windows PC, Apple iPad Pro, and Google Nexus 9 remotes.

“pick something close to 1920x1080 for artists” To add them:

First find the photo (google).
The most successful approach is to save photo (JPG or PNG) to your local drive. Another approach is to copy image link then try to paste it.
Go to Artists, click on missing image spot/click Artist Edit (the three dots)/scroll to Photo/ click Add Image button. From there select either paste a link or browse to the locally stored pic. Drag a pic is also an option, but it doesn’t work for me (Mac)

Then, inspect the outcome. Sometimes, only the top of the head will show.
Rinse and repeat.

Good luck.

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Thanks John. That’s working well.

If you enter the artist name you can add the string "" to your search in Google. This plattform has loads of higher quality images in 1920x1080 format for artists (Kodi media center is using this plattform a lot). For lesser known artists you probably won’t find anything there, but for the rest it’s worth a try.

On windows you can use :

it is more for albums but you can also use it for artists

I think Roon uses fanart for the images you see.

You are right; lesser knowns won’t be found there. Is there another fanart-like website?

@John_V: Unfortunately I didn’t find anything comparable. You can try but most of the images stored there are either very old and/or very low-res. Eventually you find some usable pictures at (in case the artist offers the music there and has a hires pictures stored in the profile)

I also have lots of unknown acts/bands in my library so I understand your troubles. I ended up doing Google image searches for weeks and edited/resized hundreds of images manually.

Hi, I have the same issue. any solution ?

Keep in mind Roon can’t find it if it doesn’t exist. A lot of older and/or obscure artists don’t have an internet presence. I find the easiest way to add artist images is to find a suitable picture, right click the picture and select “copy image address”. Then in Roon edit the artist info. Under “Photo” you’ll see “Add image”. When you select “Add image” you have two options: Browse for image, or Paste URL from clipboard. Select Paste URL and voila, your picture is added to Roon. Two possible downsides to this method. 1) the image is copyrighted, in which case Roon will say so and you just go looking for another picture, and 2) the web site closes or they change their content and you may lose the link to your picture. But this method is quicker and saves having to store all those images on your hard drive.

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