Adding music folder residing on QNAP NAS drive

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
macOS Mojave, Version 10.14.4, MacBook Pro 2016, 2.9Ghz, 16GB, Roon Version 1.6 (build 416)
Ethernet network has both Mac and Bryston BDP-2

I just got Roon and doing initial installation.
I have a NAS drive with lots of music on it. On my Mac in Finder there is a category of Locations. It includes both Roon and there is a reference to my QNAP NAS drive. The actual music files are located a few subdirectories down. I am trying to use your Choose Music Storage Folder to get to the NAS drive and subfolder, but cannot find how to get there using your interface. Is it a network share? I don’t know how to specify the Network Share Location. Is this the right way or is there a way I can set up a directory reference under my Mac Folder hierarchy that will reference the NAS drive directory?

Hi @David_Jordan,

You can use these instructions (Add Folders By Path) to add network shares to your Roon installation. The QNAP is a NAS, so you will need to go to Roon Settings -> Storage -> Add Folder -> Add Network Share and type in the hostname or IP address of your NAS in addition to the login credentials.

We generally recommend that you use the hostname since this does not change as IP addresses might. If you get stuck on one of the steps to the share, please share a few screenshots to clarify the setup further. You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this Community website.


Going into the NAS down to the directory that contains the music and using get info, I get the following server name:
I have tried this name, I have also tried just

In all cases I get Invalid Network Path. In the Finder, under locations, it directly lists the NAS as NASF7653C.
There is no password protection setup, but it is complaining about the path anyway.

Hi @David_Jordan,

Can you please give \\NASF7653C\Multimedia\Music a try? Sometimes setting without the SMB and only as the host works better.

– Noris

Darn, it seemed to be working, your little icon was doing its animation and I thought it was actually processing the music files, but still got the error. I have also tried something else, I see that my Mac is connected to it as “admin”, there is a 5 character password, but I cannot see what it is. It is apparently in my keychain. So I am guessing that Roon should also be connecting as “admin” with the same password. I need to figure out what that password is. If you happen to know how I can view the keychain entries on my Mac, that would be useful, In the meantime, I’ll see what Google tells me. Thanks for the help, we should get this resolved soon…

A different question. I will mainly be using my iPad to control my Bryston BDP-2 which already has access to this NAS drive. So how important is it for Roon core to have access to those music files? My bet is you need access to my entire library to build up a database of music info for all my music. I assume the iPad then communicates with the Roon core on my network to get all the information it then displays. Correct? I see info on the web about resetting the entire keychain and I have brought up the keychain app. All I need to know though is the password specifically for this NAS. Any way to get it?

The RoonServer really does all the work, the iPad is just a control / display point, maybe a music endpoint if you enable it as such. So, the RoonServer needs to access and analyze the music, as well as, be able to query all music endpoints to determine their playback abilities.

Something to keep in mind IF you have any files local to the Bryston. When playing a file, the music is first sent to the Server, processed, and then sent back out to the selected audio endpoint. So, if you are playing files that are local to the Bryston, they will be sent to the RoonServer first and then back to the Bryston.

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The Bryston gets its music files stored on my NAS drive, all 3 (Bryston BDP-2, NAS, Mac) are on my Cat-6 ethernet network. I guess the Roon remote cannot simply use the Bryston server functionality to view library and play the files?

I used to use an mPod or mPad application on an old iPad to run the Bryston, but it did not have a great interface and my iPad was having touch input issues so I upgraded to the latest iPad mini. Now that iPad application seems to be no longer available.

I’m still having the problem of connecting with the NAS from Roon on my Mac. I need to resolve the password issue still I guess. It would be great if you guys could assist and get my whole Roon setup operational before a big party this holiday weekend… I have not checked, but it would also be very cool if I could get my huge TV to display the same Roon content as I hope to be viewing on the iPad.

Hi @David_Jordan,

Yes, this is correct. You would need to add the share to Roon for the files to be properly indexed in the Roon database.

Have you tried the default password for Bryston? I have seen a post that mentions that bryston is both the username and the password but I can’t say for sure if this is correct. Otherwise trying admin for both user and password might also work. Is there no “Show Password” field in Keychain that you can press?

For this aspect you will need to use a Roon Compatible Display such as a Chromecast/Firestick/Apple TV or a Web Browser to send the now playing info over. If your TV has one of these compatible displays then you can use Roon to display this info along with song lyrics (when available).


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