Adding music to external SSD connected to Nucleus

I have connected an external SSD to my Nucleus+ (a Samsung SSD that is exFAT formatted).

I have a bunch of music on the drive that is seamlessly included in my library, so it’s working well.

Now, I would like to add some more files to my SSD - is there a way to edit (i.e. add files) to the SSD while it’s connected to Nucleus, or do I have to disconnect the SSD, add the files on my separate computer, and reconnected the SSD to Nucleus (since it’s all on the same home wired network, I am hopeful there is a more native way to send files directly to the SSD through the network to the Nucleus to which it is connected).

Many thanks

My few music files are on an SSD I installed inside the Nucleus. The path is Network > Nucleus > Data > Storage > InternalStorage

I am able to drag and drop files from my computer to this location using Windows File Explorer.

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@Jim_F worked like a charm!

I was hoping it would be so easy, and it was…

Thanks so much for your kind help :slight_smile:

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