Adding Roon Devices

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro 2018 Mac OS 12.6.2
16GM Ram 2.2 GHz i7 core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast router

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I am a brand new user. When I first logged in I was able to see all my endpoint devices. enabled several and now wanted to enable several more. However when I try to do that I get a spinning "searching for ROON OS Core which never loads on the Roon OS Devices. Please advise as how to proceed.

You dont my use Roon OS devices that has nothing to do with audio devices, it’s only if you are using a Nucleus or Roon Rock install for your core to open up its admin page. Goto settings/Audio for devices.

That’s sounds like your clicking on Configure Roon OS devices on your network, and as your not running Roon on a Nucleus or ROCK (which are running the Roon Operating System), that’s why it can’t find any.

To enable connected audio devices goto …

Roon → Settings → Audio

Thank you very much!

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They really need to change the wording of this catches loads out.

They did but it still catches people out :frowning:

They also add the link to More About Roon OS … which opens …

Instead of “Configure Roon OS devices on your network” it could say “Click to configure Roon Nucleus and ROCK devices on your network”. Not everyone will know that RoonOS == Nucleus & ROCK


I suggested just that a long time ago, but the response was that some other devices also run Roon OS, the implication was they didn’t want to limit it to just Nucleus and ROCK.

Personally I think the suggestion was good … but it didn’t gain traction.

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I’m sure there is a way in the English language to express that it’s for RoonOS devices like Nucleus, ROCK, and some others, but not for Roon Cores on general Windows, Mac, and Linux machines :slight_smile:

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@jamie, as you should see this is still a trip hazard… could refer to the product team once more.

I have never used it myself with my rock as I have a bookmark shortcut on my toolbar. I wonder how many RoonOS users actually use it? Does it really need to be in the remote at all perhaps have an auto detect if you’re running RoonOS core or not and hide if not.

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