Adding Roon to a second computer

Roon Core Machine

Main desktop system is Windows 10 core i7 and I think contains Roon Core, but maybe not. Perhaps it is in the Roon Nucleus.
My husband’s computer is Windows 10 core i5.
I have a Windows 11 core i7 laptop.

Presently three of my four audio systems will play Roon music selections simultaneously. I want to add my fourth audio system into the mix so I will have music in the kitchen/family room. And if it’s possible, to include my laptop as a portable music player.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router is Netgear Nighthawk R7000. All audio systems connected by Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

Living room Roon endpoint is Audio Alchemy DMP-1
TV room Roon endpoint is Oppo UDP-205 or Audio ALCHEMY DMP-1
Windows Desktop core i7 > Roon Nucleus
Windows Deskrop core i5 > Schiit Modius

Number of Tracks in Library

2000 CDs

Description of Issue

I have a Roon Nucleus with an SSD of my music.
I have two desktop computers with attached audio systems and DACs. I am getting Roon music to play at one desktop but not the other. What do I have to do to get my second computer to show up on my LAN?
I also have a laptop. Can I have the same capability to play my Roon library at my laptop? If so, what software do I need to install on my laptop?
Or said another way, I assume the Roon Core is in my Roon Nucleus. Do I need auxiliary Roon software installed to all three of my computers?

You can add Roon Bridge which will make it available as an endpoint or install the base Roon app, during install choose it as a remote and connect to your Roon core it should come up as an option to connect like any remote does and it will act as a Remote locally and an endpoint using system output or a DAC or whatever you connect to it. It should then show up in Settings/Audio just enable it and give it a name.

Thanks for the tip to add a Roon Bridge. I’m a little confused by terminology. Is a Roon bridge subsidiary software to the Roon Core in my Nucleus that will allow my second computer and my laptop to show up on the LAN as Roon endpoints?

Yes it just makes them endpoints. If you go to the downloads section.of you will find it. It has no interface it just runs in the background and makes the pc available as a Roon endpoint. Make sure Windows firewall allows it through. If you install the Roon app you get the advantage of having the full Roon controller as well as it being an endpoint.

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That is correct, but Roon Bridge does not have any user interface. To the Core, a PC running Bridge will look like an endpoint to which it can send and play music, but on the PC running Bridge, you cannot control the Core or see any of its files or information.

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I see. But it seems to me it would be an advantage to have control in only one location. If I were to install a second and a third Roon Core in my various computers, might that be confusing to my system?

When you refer to the Roon app, do you mean the app that is available for a tablet?

You can install as many Cores as you want, but only one can be active per license at any single time. But are you asking about actual separate Cores, or running the Roon application on a PC or Mac that can act as a Core but are really running as Remotes to another Core?

If it’s the latter, you can have as many full Roon applications running on your network as needed, but only one can be designated a Core as per my note above.

On your laptop, you can install full blown Roon, Roon Server, or Roon Bridge.

No on Windows

No you have as many controllers as you want. The Roon app works in many ways on pc or mac. it’s not a core if you install it and during install choose the remote option. It then just works as a remote and an endpoint and it connects to your existing core. Your not running different cores. The core is the database and endpoint management part and that’s on your Nucleus.

Why limit it to one controller this means you have to have a tablet with you all the time and not flexible for others to use it. You can make a user profile for your husband too and his controller will then log his listening and not interfere with your history. It’s all the same library though. I am sure your husband would want some control of what he is listening to.

My partner has a remote on her phone, I have one on mine, kids have it, Its also on the family laptop and my work laptop so I can control it depending on what or where I am. This is the whole point of the remotes system. You dont need to enable them all as music zones either so nothing gets confusing. It also means more than one person can be playing music from Roon so you get the benefit of proper multiroom as you can both control what to listen in the room you are in.

You don’t have cor

Thanks for this great explanation! Installing the Roon Core everywhere and tagging all but one as a Remote sounds perfect for my needs.


Just to clarify things a little - you would install “Roon” for Windows on your PCs and laptops. The Roon software contains three components:

  • the User Interface (the “Roon App”)
  • the Roon Core
  • software to control the audio hardware on your PCs/Laptops (the “Audio Device” component).

You’re just going to use two of the three components: the UI and the Audio Devices.

When you first start up Roon on a PC or Laptop, you’re asked to choose your Roon Core - you should see your Nucleus, and choose to connect to the Core on that. You don’t want to choose to set up a Roon Core on the PC or Laptop. The Roon package contains software for the Core, but you leave it unused on your PCs and laptops.


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