Adding station art to Internet Radio

Following on from this thread about drag n drop generally, even after the Windows 8 fix referred to, drag n drop isn’t working for me when attempting to add artwork to an Internet Radio Station entry. I think that may be because I’m running Roon Server on a BRIX (Windows Server 2012) and dragging artwork into a Remote on a PC (Windows 8.1).

If others can replicate I’ll open a bug ticket.

But apart from any bug, I’d like to see an alternative way to upload Station art. Either a file location where we can copy the art, or a browse tool that we can point to the art.

Just tried it with two new stations. Adding from a remote app. No problems at all. Hmm.

I’d love to get the Station art onto my Internet Radio Stations, but that seems impossible with my setup. I run Roon Server on my Mac mini and Roon Remote on my iOS devices. There does not seem to be a way to import Station art using Roon Remote.

All Station info is editable from with iPad Roon Remote, apart from image.

I imagine this is related to the similar inability to add Artist photos on iOS and Android. The Roon guys are collecting input on this over here: Edit artist picture [completed]