Adding title to Disc # / Media

I’m a new lifetime subscriber sono let’s start with feature requests!! :grin:

I’d like to have ability to add title label to media /disc and see that in album page.
This would be useful especially for boxset.
For example Taste- I’ll remember boxset have disc 1 titled "taste, Disc 2 “On The Boards”, etc

It would be useful to have that label showed in tracklist, aside or under disc # for example, so that you’re able to know the title/label of disc you’re browsing and not only tracks within.
For example If I want to listen to On The Board, if the label is shown I don’t have to remember that is on disc 2 of the boxset


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I have already requested the ability to add a title label to a disc - or as I had put it, allow Roon to give discs names as well as disc numbers - e.g. “Disc 1 - Morning”, “Disc 2 - Evening”, etc.


The VorbisComments tag is discsubtitle - mine are generally labeled that way, would be nice if Roon used it, especially where disc 2 is a live album or different album in a box set.