Disc title in multi-disc sets

This has been raised several times

Some sets comprise previously released CD s

So it is possible to “reconstitute” the original Cd, it adds loads of Albums but you retain the album, the Richter Set is one of them

If the discs folder is named CD01 - Album Name , Roon doesn’t merge them automatically, CD01 it will, Anything after the CD01 Roon treats as a new album


Well, that is precisely what I would like to see improved upon…

A specific disc tag in Roon would be great. Ideally, when you merge albums together, then the individual discs should keep their original title, or be editable.

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Here is an interesting article on this topic: https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2018/03/27/lamentable-state-disc-title-support/

I actually was not aware of the DISCSUBTITLE or SETSUBTITLE tags. It would be great if Roon could just display that tag above the track list. Even better, having the option to display the discs in one screen, grouped by disc title, and not in seperate tabs.

Here is an example of how I have it set up in Tonal. notice the label under the disc number…

This is a much needed improvement imo

The album art should change with the disc selection as well.

  • box is a tile
  • click on disc 1 and see art from disc 1 (or same box art if no disc art)
  • click on disc 2 and switch to disc 2 art

If the art sequences then I can flip through the art to see the disc info. Worst case all the discs have all the art from the box and I flip through it to see what each disc contains.

The name of each disc as shown in post above is desired.

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I really would like to see this option too.
It would serve different scenario’s, like Box-sets and possibly series.
This way it would be also easier to categorize special, deluxe releases. As an example the new Beatles (White Album) release. You would be able to “name” it as folllow:
disc 1& 2: 2018 MIx
disc 3: Esher demo
disc4 to 6: Demo’s & Outtakes
That way it is easier to select what you want to hear.

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I agree with all of the above, have requested this 3 years ago (and have mentioned it a number of times since) and remain very keen on improvements to box set handling and the ability to group albums in similar ways:

And (see items 7 & 8:

Also relevant:


I saw some of those and have been surprised this wasn’t addressed over the years.

I am following the advice of having no expectations of Roon improvement and adopting to what is available. Any improvements are then pleasant surprises.

I have been putting pictures of the box backs and pages into rooon and viewing the pictures for info on what is contained in the box.

It would be nice to either edit or add the release review for these new Super Deluxe boxes. White album ultimate has an AMG release review. The same old original album review is not a good use of the text space in Roon.
Another reason I find myself adding pictures of text to Roon

I haven’t seen this posted elsewhere (if so, sorry) but a crappy workaround for Disc titles is to use the Location tag for all tracks in that disc. The title gets a “All tracks performed” prepended to the title but it does work in a pinch.

Is this a feature that will never see the light of day? Has Roon ever addressed these requests?

I find it amazing that nothing happens with these issues that has been raised so many times over so many years and that are really important for organising music boxes in Roon.

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@Elling_Jacobsen yes, I’ve seen that sentiment expressed numerous times throughout these forums. Many users have been crying out for a few relatively small, simple and essential changes (simple to my mind, but I’m not a programmer!) to the Roon interface and capability for years, with no apparent acknowledgement from the Roon team. This is obviously disappointing to long-term subscribers (myself included). There have of course been some good updates and I understand that the Roon team has to prioritise their developments, though we’re talking years now where these requests have been reiterated repeatedly by a large number of Roon users.

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As long as Roon only uses automated data sources, this will likely never happen. Its a shame – I have been requesting these changes for years, but Roon never answers or considers alternatives.

Depends what you mean. It will perhaps not happen automatically via scraping, but it should be possible to have this metadata which the user can populate. The metadata tag for it already exists after all.

All my box sets have 3 custom tags set

BoxSet ( name)
DiscName (sub title , disc etc)
DiscVolume ( for sets like the Beethoven Edition where it was released as 20 Volumes)

Reading these would be trivial , and a minor mod to the UI

Not high on the Features List , not Sexy like Valence etc?

Unlikely in my lifetime :face_with_monocle:

I use JRiver in parallel to allow better navigation by individual disc with individual art work

A maintenance nightmare but it works for me …


I wanted to bring this issue up again.

Is there any roadmap to introducing this? This is probably my single biggest issue with Roon right now and I used it daily.

For example, the David Bowie CD box sets have 11 discs. I can’t remember off the top of my head each time which disc is which…so I have to go retrieve the box and actually look because all I can see in Roon is ‘disc 1, disc 2’. Ok, first world problems - but it is a usability issue.

Roon - is a feature improvement here really challenging to implement?

Roon - any update on this? Is this planned at all? Is it particularly difficult to introduce (the ability to edit a disc label - doesn’t sound like it should be, but perhaps it is?)

I’d really like to understand the situation on this. I have a Lifetime license so I’m a committed supporter of the product - and this feature would really be a plus.

This has been a request for around 5 years , I have been using Roon for that long and it was one of my initial gripes.

Roon do not discuss future developments often so there is no way to know if it’s even being considered

Don’t hold your breath.


That’s a shame Mike. Not sure why it’s so hard for them to comment on something like this :frowning:

They comment on very little to avoid “expectations” that later don’t materialise, sorta understand , say nothing no one’s disappointed

Handling of box sets is a major issue for me as well. Probably my number one wish list item. I think one reason why this doesn’t seem to get a lot of traction is people post this request all over the place. I have seen many, many requests throughout the community for this functionality. For me it’s probably the biggest weakness in Roon. And that’s not meant as a criticism of Roon. I think Roon is the best thing to happen to digital music in years. But this functionality is really needed.

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