Top feature request list

I decided to make a list of my feature requests which are still outstanding. I realise that this may be duplicating some individual posts I have already made in the request section - but I thought that it would be useful to list the requests I still have, in my order of importance - at least it will be useful for me to remind me what I’m still looking for :smiley: And of course, I’m very happy with the progress so far.

So, my top requests, in my order of importance:

1 - Incorporate other album artwork, other than the front cover -

  • in particular the rear cover, but also the liner notes, gatefold pictures, pictures of the actual media, etc. Roon was supposed to be replicating having the original media in front of you, though is still some way away from this goal without having a more complete artwork experience. I would suggest small icons under the main album artwork for liner notes, rear cover, picture of media and other, which would “light up” if they were present and be clickable to open up the artwork in a viewer or something. I am not asking that Roon automatically finds this artwork - I doubt that that would ever be possible - but at least give the users the possibilty to link their artwork in!

2 - On the artist pages, separate out live albums and bootlegs into their own sections, just like EPs currently are. Also separate out compilations (this does not appear to be working properly at present).

3 - Stop the “pop up” method of expanding the artist or album info .

  • there have been a lot of comments about this but it still needs to change. No good method has been found yet but I’m sure it could be with community participation. Also, include some further information on the artist page - on a 24" monitor the artist info is “scrunched” at the bottom of the picture, and there is a big expanse of picture - I just feel that the space could be used more efficiently.

4 - The ability to add extra album descriptions, from other sources, in addition to the main scraped review.

5 - The ability to add an artist description, if Roon doesn’t populate one.

6 - Have the album label and catalogue number (if present) shown on the album page, not just under credits.

7 - Have the option to add disc names - not just “Disc 1” and “Disc 2” but, for example, “Disc 1 - sunrise” and “Disc 2 - sunset”.

8 - Better handling of box sets or collections, with a main page for the collection, including the overall collection artwork and information, and then albums within that for the individual CDs or albums in that collection - each with their own title and artwork, if applicable.

9 - Remove the “main albums” and “all albums” distinction - just show all the artist’s albums under “albums”, then EPs, compilations, bootlegs, live, appeared on, etc etc.

10 - Have the ability to edit the main items on the artist page - e.g. remove concerts, or top tracks, or move concerts down to below albums, etc.

11 - Ability to “split” albums into sections - on the album page, for example, tracks 1-5 may be grouped under “warmup” on the actual album, tracks 6-9 under “main set” and tracks 10-13 under “encore”. So allow the user to “group” tracks this way in Roon.

12 - Have a single-click button on an album page which opens the album folder in the file system (e.g. explorer in windows) - rather than having to right-click on a track then click “track info”, and then clicking on the source link - too many steps.

13 - Remove overlap of focus window on album covers at the top - looks a bit sloppy.

14 - Dim the background more when clicking on an album cover to enlarge it - currently it doesn’t stand out enough and the background can detract from it.

15 - Be able to edit the web links for each artist, e.g. remove some and add your own - and customise the icon, preferably.

16 - Improve the quality of the waveform seekbar. It’s a great feature, but looks pretty basic at the moment. Increase the resolution of the waveform (may require more time to scan the library, but would be worth it). Also, smooth out the scrolling - it’s a bit jerky at the moment and I’ve seen others mention this too.

17 - Add the option to scroll through albums and artists vertically as well as horizontally - has been requested a lot.

Well that’s it for now. If the Roon team could get all of these into version 1.2 (or 2.0) then I might consider donating them a kidney. Go team :slight_smile:


For me it’s less about the tagging and more about the distribution and ability to use it throughout the house. i.e. music first!

I would rather see:

  • A simple phone and tablet app
  • Squeezebox Support
  • Roon Speakers / the ability to remote control a headless PC