Support for disc names please

Lots of compilations have both disc number and disc name (e.g. “Disc 1 - beach; Disc 2 - club”).

Roon seems able to sort albums by disc number, but I see no option to include the disc name. I have a tag in all my music files called DISCNAME which is populated with the disc name if there is one. Would be great to have this functionality.


If I recall correctly the Vorbiscomments tag for this is discsubtitle. Agree it would be nice if it were supported, particularly where albums have bonus discs attached e.g. a live performance thrown in.

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Indeed - I have a number of multi-disc compilations or collections where the disc name is pivotal in identifying the contents of that disc, not the overall collection or box set name. Please implement this :smiley:

Just came across this - yes please!

Right now I have to explicitly separate albums from any bonus/additional discs as I don’t want them to show up as Disc 1 / Disc 2 etc… is disc naming something already supported somewhere that I may have missed?

A depressingly long time since this was requested, but for what it’s worth - +1 please. I’m loading up the King Crimson 40th Boxsets, and it’s a bloody disaster not having the disc title on display

Almost 5 years since I made this request. To my mind it is a fairly simple and useful feature. It has been consistently raised in a number of other threads also, including those feature request threads you see whenever there is a more significant new release of Roon. There are a number of other similar requests involving enhancements to the Roon GUI that have been mentioned repeatedly over the years and seemingly ignored by the Roon team.

As mentioned elsewhere, it seems that the Roon team have for some time been focusing on a number of other areas external to the GUI itself, including compatibility with other Roon Ready devices and with various streaming services. These are not insignificant improvements of course, though to the end user who is settled with their current setup there have unfortunately been few significant improvements over the last few years. This is obviously disappointing. Also disappointing is the lack of input from the Roon team on the forums regarding many of these requests; this input had been more regular at the start and perhaps it is related to the growth of the project as a whole. For me, the software is still worth the (significant amount of) money which I paid for a lifetime subscription, though if I was a yearly subscriber then I would be getting frustrated with the lack of improvement in these areas. @PJ_Bryant 's example of the problems around box sets is another pertinent example.

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and with the KC boxsets, it’s gets more horrid as sometimes a gig is split across 2 (consecutive) CDs. It’d be nice to be able to tier stuff as Boxset/Concert/Disk11/Disk12 so I could just play that one gig as a single “click and play”.