Adding to playlist from focused track view does not work [Investigating]


I am on Roon 1.3 (build 262 stable) and today I experienced a strange behavior. I went to tracks and focused on eighties. From the list I added several tracks to a playlist I created just before. This playlist contained already 3 songs that I had added from album view. All the tracks I added from track view appeared not be added when I checked the playlist afterwards.

I was trying to add both tracks from my library as well as TIDAL tracks by pressing the little three-dot menu on the right of the track name, I selected the playlist (Family Swing) and pressed add. The message showed on the bottom of the screen on my iPad said: “new playlist successfully created” every time I added a song, which ai found already weird.

Did I do something wrong or did I run into a bug?


Hi Richard,

I believe you found a bug.

In Track Browser, if you add a song to a Playlist using the 3 dots icon to the right of the track, it appears to work, however, the track doesn’t get added. Let’s get @support to investigate.

For now, just right click (or long press) each track in order to bring up the top play menu. Select the 3 dots icon and click on Add to Playlist. That should work.

Cheers, Greg


Hi @Richard_Verhart ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this feedback with us!

Moving forward, just to bring you up to speed. We are aware of this behavior and have a ticket open with our QA team, who will be looking further into this issue. For now I would recommend using the work around provided by @Greg, and once I have some more feedback from the team, I will update this thread accordingly.


HI Eric,

Great to hear you are working on this bug already. Thanks!


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