Adding watched music folder Synology NAS

Roon Core Machine
Synology NAS DS1821+, 16GB memory, DSM 7.1.1, update 3; Roon Core on attached Samsung SSD3 portable USB drive running latest Roon OS.

I switched from a Synology NAS DS1817+ and kept my Roon Core on the Samsung drive. Now I can no longer access the old or create a new music folder to be watched (folder resides on the NAS). When trying to access the existing (from DS1817+) I just get a message saying “error loading folder, unauthorized” and when trying to attach a new network drive I just get an “unexpected error” message.

Using Synology SMB with all permissions granted to administrator, local users and local groups. Can’t find a way around this. Everything worked fine before I switched NAS. Any ideas?

Thank you

Hi @Goran_Celander,

Please accept our apologies for the delay.

Routine diagnostics from your account show that Roon can access several thousand locally-stored tracks on the NAS Core, which is hosting RoonServer. Are we correct in assuming you’ve returned to your original setup, with the NAS hosting the Core?

In any case, we’re happy to assist in troubleshooting and will respond promptly once we see your message here.

Yes, I reinstalled everything.

Do you have any errors, delays, or difficulties accessing local tracks at this point? We’ll respond promptly if so, there’s just not a clear indication from diagnostics that your library is failing to load.

No, after I reinstalled the Core and system everything now works as expected.

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Wonderful. In that case, @Goran_Celander, we’ll close out the thread. Please create a new topic thread if you experience any issues again and we’ll be here to support.

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