Adequate as a roon server?

Hello there,
would this litte pc be enough to function as a roon server?

Gigabyte BRIX GB-XM12-3227 Intel Core i3-3227U 8 GB 120 GB SSD HDMI Wlan


I run Roon core on a i3 NUC and it is fine for normal use (70,000 track library) but it can’t handle upsampling for example. I am looking to upgrade to a skull canyon i7 to meet today’s needs and future proof as much as I can. I wouldn’t advise buying an i3 at this stage but as always YMMV

I think I am right in saying that it was series 4 where Intel made a decent step forward in performance. Since then the progress has been more thermal than speed related. Consequently I think you run the risk that the series 3 you reference may run hot (and noisy if it has a fan) and not have the guts to allow the use of DSP for anything other than modest PCM upsampling. If you already have it or can get it very cheaply, you have nothing to lose by trying it. Otherwise I’d look for something newer. It will work but cannot match Roon’s capabilities.

Thanks guys for your replies.
It helped.
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