Adjust lipsync when viewing YouTube etc. on a Mac?

With the lockdown, there’s been a lot of stuff to stream. I’ve got an amazing audio setup:

MacBook Pro – USB --> Meridian Explorer – optical --> Meridian 218 --> Meridian 5200 loudspeakers

But lipsync is non-existent. I assume that, counter to the norm, I need to delay the video coming from my browser (Chrome).

Can I do this free and securely without installing a potentially risky browser extension? Or perhaps limiting the extension to specific sites will solve that problem?

If it’s for watching videos maybe you could take a different approach: Kodi + youtube addon? No idea how well that would work but Kodi comes with the necessary tools to adjust the audio delay, I think.

BTW, you could use Kodi to play your music, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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