Advantages of 64- over 32-bit?

I have the latest Roon build working perfectly on a Win8.1 machine. While the PC has a 64 bit architecture, I am still running the 32-bit Roon software. Would there be any advantage in changing for the 64-bit version ?

Better speed and memory handling and handling of large collections.

Thanks for the swift response. No risk for crashes / odd behavior ? I might be biased but think I read quite a few people on this forum accusing 64-bit of crashing all the time

I’ve run 64 bit since the day it became available, never looked back and never had any issues. Reverting is as simple as reinstalling the 32bit version anyhow.

Well, I was getting odd behaviour when trying to run the 64bit version as a Remote on my Surface 3, see here:

However, the 32bit version runs perfectly well (and the Surface 3 is running 64bit Windows 10).

The main advantage of the 64bit version is that you can run a very large library without running out of address space.

Overall memory usage should be lower with the 32-bit version if all other things are held constant, and in theory it should perform slightly better.

One build or the other may work better on your system if you use ASIO drivers that are/aren’t 64-bit clean, or have other stuff being injected into Roon’s process space.

Ok thank you all I think I get the picture now. Bottom line: keep 32 bit as long as it runs flawlessly and switch whenever my library becomes huge (currently around 20,000 titles) and problems occur.

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