Advice for a native DSD Dac instead of chord Qutest

Dear All,
T+A has done a lot of testing with native DSD512 from Linux sources with the latest versions of the Amanero USB firmware. We can confirm @volpone 's frindings that the streaming from Linux is very stable and meanwhile works without issues.
There were however some problems with new Windows drivers required for the new Amanero firmware. As soon as these problems are solved we will use the new Amanero firmware for the DAC8DSD. Currently I can not say when this will be the case (hopefully before trhe end of this year - but I can not promise this).

As soon as the firmware is officially released, we will give some information about upgrading products already in the market.

For the time beeing there is the possibility to switch to the Amanero beta firmware which works well for Linux (like @volpone did). For Windows based sources, please stay with the current firmware.



You are reading my mind Martin.
Have you listened to Mscaler?

I haven’t heard the MScaler, but it’s getting rave-reviews, and feedback on the Head-Fi website is very good.
I think I may be able to get in on trial for a couple of weeks before committing to buy.
The MScaler will upscale DSD to 768khz, to send to your Qutest via dual-BNC. I understand it works very effectively.

Great news!

Thanks for sharing the official current status.