Advice for Roon endpoint for in-wall speakers

I have these atypical in-wall speaker enclosures with Jamo speakers in it. I hope the picture is clear. The depth from the speaker face to the corner is about 20cm.

It does not work very well because I have very long speaker cables running through the walls and they were made of inadequate wire. I removed the speakers once and connected them with proper cables to an amp and the difference in sound was huge. It’s impossible to replace those so I either live with it or do something different.

So now with the advent of Roon and Raspberry Pi I realize I might be able to cobble something together and put it in one of these enclosures, running just one speaker cable to the other one for a stereo setup. I think I can bring power and even ethernet into one of these enclosures.

The question is what to use? I want a roon endpoint plus amplification.
From what I was able to learn recently I could go with a bundle from Allo below; this would still require a Rpi so total cost would go over 200EUR

or a Hifiberry amp2 bundle, available at this link, which would include a Rpi4 for a total of 133eur

I excluded cases for both since the boards would be hidden in the enclosure, I don’t think I need cases (?)
The main difference seems that the Allo setup has the Kali reclocker but I am not sure if that would make such a difference on sound?

Anyway, I was wondering what am I missing and what should I pay attention to if I start this project.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

IQAudIO also offer a solution with DIgiAMP+ that I use in at least 2 setups with bookshelf speakers. Single 19V 3A supply is also available. you can run Ropieee and use wifi to connect as long as signal is good and you dont want crazy bitrates.


Thanks, IQAudIO looks good, unfortunately many products are not in stock on their site