Advice on CD player with Roon capability

I was looking to get a cd player/radio for my 2 kids bedrooms. Since i already have Roon set up in the house, it would be great if the unit could link with Roon and allow them to browse the music and play it too.

What are the best options here?

If there’s a line in available on the cd player/radio, I would plug a Chromecast into it which can be configured as a Roon endpoint.

Thanks @CostasD. That’s an idea. I was looking however for a device that is able to browse my music collection also. As far as I understand it, a Chromecast plugin would only be able to receive the music to play, rather than enable music to be chosen from the device.

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Are you looking for a device that is an endpoint and control for Roon, as well as a CD player? Amplifier also?

I don’t know if anything like that exists.

Don’t think all of that can be found in one unit. And why a CD player with roon?

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A+T have some roon ready cd receiver (Cala CDR for example) or Multisource-Player, but I‘m not sure if you want to spent 3k+ for your purposes. It is cheaper to use a airplay-capable cd-player/receiver. And the selection is also much larger. Or as an alternative the already proposed solution Chromecast.

@CostasD - yes, and endpoint and control for Roon, with CD player and radio. Such a device exists - an iPhone, for example. But surely there is a better device than that to use!

@ged_hickman1 - CD player for the kids so they can play their CDs. I know I could rip them to the system, but sometimes a CD is good if you just want to hear it straight away.

@Frank_Klaeren - yes, something relatively cheap is what I’m looking for! An airplay capable CD player/receiver is an idea, but does it meet my criterion of being able to browse the Roon collection from the device?

I really don’t think there is an affordable all in one that does all of that. Most of it, but not all. One element will be missing - on some CD - on others browse/control.
£2000 yes
£200 no

Since you want control, endpoint and a CD player? I’m thinking an old laptop is the best bet.

An old laptop would do the job if speakers were added - but surely there is an all-in-one device that can do this?


If the laptop speakers are not good enough, adding a set of powered speakers to the laptop is the simplest and cleanest.

The cheapest way is to remove the requirement for control. Which is the easiest since it should be done with a tablet or phone anyway. Then, for example, you could go with a Hamilton Buhl Top-Loading CD Boombox for 54 USD and add a Chromecast Audio to the Aux IN. Done.

No one knows of one.

So it seems! @Rugby - your idea of using a tablet or phone as a control might be the only option. My kids are only just 6 however, and so I’m keen for them to avoid the lure of the mobile phone/tablet for a bit longer yet!

Hmm, I don’t think I’d put a Roon Control point in the hands of an inquisitive child. They could permanently delete your music which would be horrible. And there is no way to fence off adult music if search is used.

Surround them with music when they’re up.

Sing them to sleep.

Job done.



Can the Bluesound Vault be used as a CD player (as well as a ripper)? If so, then granted, at $1200 it may not hit the price target.

AFAIK, all Bluesound devices are Roon-ready.
You could integrate a Bluesound Node with a cheap toslink-connected CD player into your main system. Put a BS Flex wireless speaker in another room. Then, if I’m not mistaken, you could broadcast the CD sound from the Node to the Flex (or other grouped endpoints). The Node 2i is about $500; a Pulse Flex 2i active speaker is about $300.

I don’t imagine you could control the CD playback from within the Roon application. However, with the Bluesound app you may be able to program the Bluesound device(s) to accept commands from a CD player’s IR remote control.