Advice on Changing my Core and Preserving My Edits

I’d love some advice on how to make a change in my setup. Currently I have a MacBook Pro as my core, and have always connected my prime Roon library of files on an external HD hooked up to that. However I have an Imac which is running Roon (but not looking at many folders) which has my USB out for audio. I’d like to move the core to this Imac AND connect that HD formerly connected to the laptop, and save my edits, playback history etc. I think I understand that I should (of course have a backup) stop Roon from looking at that library on the HD before going over to the new Imac, but do I still need to restore from backup after moving, or is it a matter of telling Roon about the new location of the library that was previously looked at on the laptop?? Thanks!

Hi Tatifan,
I have moved your post to its own thread so it can be seen.

As for migrating, take a read of the official FAQ and see if that answers your questions. Roon Core Migration FAQ

Yes, you need a Restore to keep all your edits, playlists, tags, etc.,etc.

Thanks…been putting off doing this, but will give it a try.

I’m confused about what to backup and what to restore from. What I’ve been doing (rightly or wrongly) is backing up manually to a location on the HD with my watched music folders (RoonBackups). But looking at the document on “Database location” I see instructions on where to find the “database” in MacOS Library via finder. And I do see that (along with cache, core, registry etc). When I migrate my core to my new machine, which do I need in order to transfer my edits, etc? Also, I have a 2nd external HD with a watched folder. How will I be able to reinstate those edits also?

Assuming I make sure to backup everything (is Backup Now different in function from hitting “view” in scheduled backup?

Should I backup preparing to migrate (with backups in hand) and delete the folders in that “MacOS Library” before restoring or after. And I believe I should remove the watched locations in Roon Storage and then assume the restore will figure out the new location on my new machine, or do I need to select that new location prior to restore?



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