Advice on Schiit audio set up

Probably late to the party on this, but I used LSST tubes in my Lyr2. They went south after about 30 hours. Terrible distortion, really incredible Threw them away and bought a set of Electro-Harmonix 6922s.

Yes I have read enough of Yggy and little tired of reading exemplary thumbs-up by all leading reviewers and users :smiley: . If only my budget allowed me.

Actually no complaints, i understand Nick is super busy. Yesterday (Weekend) I got one more response from him with little more details. This gave me some more ideas how to manage within budget

This is good input :slight_smile: .

Vidar (Stereo) + Freya (not Saga as I will be adding one more Vidar) + Moby (Modi-Multibit)

Fits into my budget. Once I add one more Vidar and Yggy, it completes.

I will ask same question to Nick but i m sure response could come in late (depends on his inbox) but cannot wait until then. Maybe I should finally sign-in on Head-Fi.

  1. Can I connect XLR Balanced from Freya to Vidar in Stereo mode, despite Moby to Freya will be RCA
  2. Yggy is USB Gen5, so it says, do we still need Eitr
  3. Mimby might need Eitr correct ?

Appreciate inputs/critics as i exposing myself here, I should be okay with critics :slight_smile: !.

I saw on Head-Fi, folks are flocking to order Eitr even though some of them have Gen5 hence i asked once again.

Many order the Eitr for other Dacs. I ordered one for for an Oppo 105 and one for my Schiit Modi.
The Schiit Modi is not upgradeable.
And you dont need an Eitr for the Yggdrasil. If you order it now, the newest USB board is installed and if if you have one already you can get it upgraded.

No. But you don’t need to. There’s a widespread misconception that XLR has better sound quality, which is largely untrue: it just has better noise rejection if you have long cables or your cables are in a very noisy environment.

No. Eitr and Gen5 are equivalent.

Correct. Moby is not getting USB Gen5.


@miklats! Now I see the point. “Ifi” has lots of these USB related products. Eitr is in direct competition …

@Jeff_Young thanks for XLR/RCA input. I m good now. If I have to add Eitr to Mimby (250+180=$430), then i better go for Bimby (+$170) which is Gen5 USB. However if its Eitr+Mimby, then I can sell Mimby individually and keep Eitr for future purposes. Lets see how the that decision goes.

I think i have all inputs like what works and not, going back to my budget fitting :smiley: . Challenge is to keep folks at home happy/Not too un-happy.

You keep calling it Mobi. Modi Multibit is called Mimby. Here are the names:

Modi Multibit - Mimby

Bifrost Multibit- Bimby

Gungnir Multibit- Gumby

I know Mimby is what you can afford for now, but if you want good Multibit execution, you should get at least Gumby

Oops! Noted. The cult thing now :smiley: ? Edited in above where i can find.

I know. Gumby is what is going on in my mind. After all SQ is important.
Do you own any of the Schiit products and any thought you could share yet ?

You are experiencing paralysis of analysis. :sunglasses:

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I don’t own any Schiit right now, but I have owned several. Modi Multibit, Bifrost, Asgard 2, and Mjolnir 2. I have listened to many more during several of our local headphones meet ups

Living in the zone already. Gone Crazy.

“+ 1” on Mimby. I got one just to get a feel for the Schiit sound before deciding to go up the chain.


I have a Gumby and Mjolnir 2 with these tubes. Mostly listen with Sennheiser HD600 and couldn’t be happier with the sound. Well, maybe I could, but I have a feeling it would cost me more, but I like being married!


Ha ha … Same here :slight_smile: . Anyways i m allowed a budget within which i can manage after my earlier equipment fiasco.

I personally wouldn’t get the Yggy unless money is no object. It’s a LOT of money and the Gumby sounds amazing enough already. You could put that cash towards two Vidars which would yield dividends with such demanding speakers.

Focus on pre, power and then DAC. I had the Gumby and the Modi Multibit. The Gumby sounded better, not massively so though so if budget doesn’t permit the Modi will be plenty and is cheap enough you can upgrade later without regretting the loss on resale.



Earlier I thought Vidar (1x) + Freya + Gumby
But, now focusing on Vidar (2x) + Freya + Mimby (Will plan for upgrade to Yggy/Gumby in 1 year )

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If you only have 1 input/output you probable don’t need a pre-amp. Direct connect DAC to amps.

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Yes, I have just 1INPUT/OUTPUT. what do you mean direct connection? Volume control?

I think Vidars in MONO needs Freya to operate in Tube mode to extract full power from Vidar apart from volume control.

Balanced drive (which XLR carries) usually has 6db more gain than a single-ended output on the same preamp. I’m not going to read all the specs on all the Schiit products to determine the accuracy of the answers they gave Jnan, but if they say one won’t drive the other to full power, it’s probably because an extra 6db (XLR) is needed from the preamp due to lower gain in the amp.


  • Eric
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Good point, but in the Vidar case I think it’s more about topology than gain: Vidar monos aren’t bridged; rather the XLR- is fed to one channel and the XLR+ is fed to the other. (I think this means its current-multiplying rather than voltage-multiplying as in “normal” bridging.)


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Thanks everyone one who gave your valuable inputs and tips. In fact Some went ahead to educate me on how to go about - So Huge applause and appreciate note.

I finally went with Wyerd4sound STI 500 V2 Integrated amplifier and beginner Schiit Mimby. I fired up my speakers (KEF 203/2) and pretty straight forward setup. Except that I had to do some work with Mimby which input works, I figured quickly.
Setup : Very simple NUC -> USB -> Mimby -> STI 500 -> KWF 203/2

Initial Impressions are very very impressive. They are quite bright on Highs but thats what I m already told by manufacturer to expect it to be that way for first 300 hours. And Superb sound staging. I will write up more first impressions in couple of days in little bit more details after going through some more tracks.

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