Advice on Schiit audio set up

Folks i m new on SchiitAudio. RIght now after selling Devialet (They were great but not enough power, and I cannot afford to spend more monies on devialet) which were driving my KEF203/2, I m now “looking for amp+DAC Phase”.I came across Schiit ( :slight_smile: odd name) from @hk6230 yesterday and since then I m exploring. Also looking for Stellar Monos M700 (psaudio). I’m now looking at Vidar Monos would fit my budget well, and they are Class A/B.

I m looking for DAC more seriously as i can figure out Power amp/Monos.

But want to spend as less as possible as a stop gap, until things settle down before i upgrade for better DAC. Yggy is good, or so i read every site i visit, almost tempting but want to go slow for now after making so many mistakes in choosing Fully Integrated to seperates to even-more-integrated LS50W (good stuff too :slight_smile: ).

But for now my KEF 203/2 are standing idle power-less.

Any suggestions? And now i read USB is not good on Schiit and then @Stephan_Rostmann has written not much difference (I like it as I dont have golden ears) . However I came across Eitr if it helps.

ANYWAYs, i m deviating, First on my DAC choice - (Multibit assumed) Modi, Bifrost, Gungnir (Yggy is on hold for now).

I also see there is no Volume control or no remote control on these. Do I need Preamps from Schiit ? I mean, like Freya because its tube in the path makes things warm up a bit on SQ + Remote to control volume.

To get me started, do i need preamp at all? Can i go with:

  1. Vidar + Modi Multibit (what about volume control)
  2. Vidar + Bifrost Multibit ( – " – )
  3. Vidar + Gungnir Multibit ( --"-- )This is max i can spend.

Appreciate advice and inputs.

Edit : No response :slight_smile: . Should i create a new thread? Or these are so shciitty that there is no response :slight_smile:

Currently My take is as following. @LarryMagoo

Power Amp: Vidar (New one, risky, no reviews yet, but betting on Ragnork’s success). Going in with just one to operate in stereo mode.
Pre-Amp : Freya ( I always want to try tubed pre)

DAC : Want to go as low cost as possible to check the overall system. If they are any good then go for FULL ON upgrade.
Choice: Modi Multibit/ Gungnir MB

So Roon -> Modi Multibit -> Freya -> Vidar (Stereo or Monos) -> Speakers (KEF 203/2)



Sounds like a great set-up! Gungnir Multibit aka Gumby would really shine with what kit you have listed!

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Freya only if you need XLR, otherwise Saga. 4 tubes vs 1 if that is a concern.

thanks for your inputs. My take on this is somehow spend very low … and then upgrade all they way to Yggy.
BTW whats the issues on USB2, 3, etc ? and i see some are USB gen 5 compliant it says. Does this means we dont need Eitr?

[quote=“dshore, post:4, topic:28780”]
Freya only if you need XLR, otherwise Saga.
[/quote] Thanks for your inputs. How about SQ between XLR to RCA unbalanced ?
Any other concerns like Tube rolling etc ? or more tubes to maintain ? BTW I m never/New to a tubes.

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All the new Multibit DAC’s from Schiit will have the latest Gen 5 USB inputs. If you are able to get the latest new equipment from Schiit, they will come with Gen 5 so you will not require a Eitr…

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Thanks for confirmation. I m still reading their notes/news on their site and trying to learn few things :slight_smile: !

Cables and SQ = a personal thing and cables need to be auditioned to see what “you” prefer. You will get as many choices as you will get answers for this question :slight_smile:

Tubes and Tube Rolling. More Tubes = More $. Tube Rolling is another aspect of this hobby and it can drive you nuts with all the choices and then deciding which Tube or tube combination you like best in your rig for your preferences.

Thought things had gone quiet on the Roon forum. :slight_smile:

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Ha ha … :slight_smile: . What can i say, contagious Hobby. Just then I had decided to sell KEF 203/2, I got inputs on Schiit. So I m seeing if i need to sell LS50W or keep both … ah! hell with the decision making process :wink:

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Okay! Saga or Freya, both have tubes. I mean 1 or 4, maintenance is constant. Do i read correctly, the Freya/Saga has switchable option between Tube to Solid-state Pre-Out??

And what about remote - it works only in Solid-State and not on Tube ?
its little confusing regarding volume control on Schiit audio. I wish all was integrated into one box. i mean DAC + Pre in one box :slight_smile:

Schiit is great at answering questions about their products.

Pre/DAC - there are quite a few options out there if you want to pursue that path.

I have a Freya with a Gungnir Multibit connected to it and highly recommend both.

The Freya is a pre-amp that can operate in three modes: tube gain stage; JFET buffer; or completely passive. Saga has two modes: passive or hybrid (solid stage/tube) buffer.

The remote is fully functional in all modes.

If you don’t care for tubes, or wish to preserve their life span (they’re always “on” when either Freya or Saga are powered up), they can be removed and Saga or Freya will operate perfectly fine without them (apart from the loss of the tube mode). I’ve removed them from my Freya as I prefer to leave it powered up all the time.


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Thank you Adam! this is very helpful inputs. My Obvious question (your opinion, i know its upto each individual) SQ Tube Vs Solid state in Freya?. BTW did you try out LISST “TUBES” instead…

Dan - I have written emails to info@schiit … but no response. Hence put up here. But you guys have already feeding inputs which is good enough for me.

I found all modes to be very good, but my preference is for the JFET buffer: extremely accurate with a bit further extension to the bass.

The LISST solid-state tubes aren’t an option for Saga or Freya (yet?).


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Just an updated. Finally i wrote one last email sort off :slight_smile: to schiit info, and got instant response. The responses are almost Yes/no/can/okay (not exactly but… :slight_smile: you see what i mean) there is email chain but here is the gist.

Vidar Monos Can ONLY Work with FREYA in Tubed mode ONLY, if we need to use full power of Vidar. Saga will NOT work (so i m told).
Gugnir-MB or Yggy is the only option for DAC AND to work in XLB Balanced mode.
So its Balanced all the way from DAC Gungnir-MB/Yggy -> Freya in Tubed -> Vidar Mono.

If I want to use Vidar Monos, above is the only way to go!. JFET cannot work with full power mode (so i understood).


Glad you got the answers so quick from Schiit…They are pretty good about that…sometimes Nick even replies on weekends! I don’t use their Preamps or Amps…although I do use their Bimby/Jot in my office…Hope you find the set-up you’re looking for!


My advice is to buy the most transparent, flat, low noise DAC of the bunch.

You can emulate many of the differences between DACs with a parametric equalizer and very slight boosts and cuts. There are a zillion inexpensive hardware equalizers, or you can experiment with the digital parametric equalizer in the roon DSP.

Other processors are available that add harmonics, such as the Aphex Aural Exciter or Behringer ultragain tube preamps. Some of these let you control the amount of “tube-y-ness”.

If you take this path, you can play with the sound and find out what floats your boat instead of buying multiple DACs that you don’t end up liking and taking losses on resale. You can buy much of this gear very inexpensively new with a bit of compromise in noise and other specs. Or buy used pro gear. It’s a very flexible way to find what you like and to learn how these things interact without buying and selling over and over again.


  • Eric

I have the yggy. It sounds very good and I am not looking for another DAC but I wish they would support MQA rather than give it the finger. I am patiently waiting for Roon to unfold part of MQA and send the the DAC. Yggy has received stellar reviews. They have come out with USB Gen 5, Mike Moffett says it finally sounds good, which is now available on all products and is an upgrade option.
May email responses from Schiit have been short to the point.

BTW - you don’t have to be rude by preloading your question with a negative hit on the community or attaching a vendors products.

I think Vidar in stereo mode will give you plenty of power. Then you don’t need balanced and can go with Modi Multibit and Saga.

I don’t think it makes sense to go Gungnir Multibit if you’re considering upgrading to Yggy at some point. Modi Multibit is a lot better than it’s price would suggest.