Advice on SSD for new Nucleus +

Look at respective manufacturers guarantees for a possible differentiator.

That uses TLC. Ignoring any brand or model-specific consideration, I’d prefer TLC to QLC. (This is a general statement and does not constitute a recommendation of any specific model.)

You prefer TLC over QLC?

According to Synology
TLC ~0.33 DWPD

DWPD = Drive Writes Per Day

The larger DWPD, the higher flash write endurance it has.

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But on the other hand, we’re talking about a “read-mostly” use case here, not a datacenter use case. I think I’m much more sanguine about using QLC for music storage, and it will be more cost-effective as well.

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I do not disagree with the read-mostly use case here. I’m just not willing to sacrifice an important technical attribute by 33 times for a potential cost saving of 30%.

@mikeb posted my comment on the topic above, and I’d like to clarify by saying that on the topic of TLC vs QLC, I’m fully with @wklie if the use case involved writing data – but for music storage, the writes/rewrites are so infrequent that a multiplier even larger than 33x would be moot. 30% savings on cost is real. Also, TLC will become less and less available as SSDs go up in capacity, where QLC/PLC will dominate.


My opinion only, but Intel is the ultimate choice for longevity and speed. It could be worth a look. Possibly find it cheaper elsewhere too.
Good Luck!

However, the TLC SSD I posted above is cheaper than the Samsung QLC on Amazon (for the same 2 TB storage)

Quick update: installation was a snap, no problem with formatting or file transfer. Maybe a microsecond quicker. Works fine.

Note that “drives writes” refers to rewriting all the data on the drive.
So 0.1 DWPD on a 4 TB drive would mean writing/modifying 400 GB per day.
This is of course insanely high.
We don’t modify music files, we write them once.
So we see exactly 1 drive write per drive lifetime.

In contrast, my money has a high rate of churn.

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FWIW, $150 price drop on the recently released Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SSD.

See online stores honoring this price at SlickDeals

What is the best way to go for an external 2-4tb ssd for a nucleus or sonictransporter?

I really like the new m.2 enclosures… here’s one:

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Great…how about the actual drive itself. Recommendations?

Something like this?

Or this one?

This drive won’t work in the SSK M.2 enclosure @danny mentioned. If you look at the fine print, the SSK works with SATA-based M.2 drives, and the 970 EVO-Plus is a NVMe drive (PCIe based).

If you want to use a Samsung 970 EVO-Plus, you could use a BYEASY enclosure like this one:

The Samsung 860 EVO, on the other hand, is a SATA-based M.2 drive which would work in the SSK enclosure:

I recently have been looking at these drives as an external SSD for an iMAC.

Yes, this is the drive which would work in the SSK enclosure @danny mentioned.


I have not spent much time researching the different types.
I need to add 2tb ssd external storage to a nuclues+/sonicorbiter i9.
Do you have a preference…advantages/disadvantages.

As a storage drive for music files I would probably look at the 860 EVO M.2 drive. Or maybe you could even get something cheaper like a QVO drive in a standard 2,5” enclosure. Those drives are cheaper, and as you would normally write your music files one time only to read them out multiple times, the QVO SSD would work fine.

For my iMac I want an external drive to boot from, and for that a EVO 970 M.2 drive would be probably better because they are faster.

So, the use case defines the right drive choice.

Edit: Another option would be a Samsung T5 external SSD drive: