Advice on SSD for new Nucleus +

Hi - just ordered a Nucleus + and have a couple of weeks before delivery to decide on an SSD to install when it arrives. I’m an absolute newbie re: SSD. I need as much storage as possible (4T seems to be the max available for the Nucleus form factor) and see there are various configurations shown at NewEgg with descriptors that mean nothing to me but seem to have price significance. Please advise? Thank you. Ken

Maybe this one…

Or this one ignore the shipping costs as I am in the U.K. and wanted to give you a USA link.

Micron do an 8TB SSD that would fit, if you wanted to splash out…

Edit: and I see that Samsung are releasing an 8TB version in the 870 QVO range next month. That would be my preferred choice, if I was looking for an 8TB SSD for music storage.

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I’d wait for this one. It’s going to be sub-$1000:


Thank you to all who have responded. Very kind! Question - for an audio application, is the Samsung QVO line adequate, or is there an advantage to the (apparently superior) performance of the EVO line?

the QVO is perfect for storage of audio files. QVO trades cell writes for capacity/$. Given that you will not be deleting/adding content in the thousands of terabytes on that 1 SSD, it’s perfect.


Thank you! Very interesting & instructive. Ken

Bought this one last week. Micron 5210 ION (7680Go, 2.5") Installed on my Nucleus+ and works like a charm. Costed me 966 CHF. Flawless migration from my Synology NAS to SSD. Performance is great. 2 things Danny:

  • I used to have direct link to file from Nucleus clicking on the blue link in track info. Not there anymore.Need to look the path and go through Mac finder if I need to access the file now.
  • Happiest Roon user on earth. Love it more everyday if even possible, but please, please Large boxset management…

Just don’t use it as an OS drive, or any QLC drive really.

Yeah, I bought the same drive last month. Installed it in a USB3/thunderbolt enclosure, and have it plugged into a NUC8i7. No more drive spin delay when playing music, which was the primary reason for getting it.

I bought this one and it has been great.

Thank you! I’ve followed the guidance on this thread and pre-ordered the 8T QVO version that Samsung says will ship in early August. Appreciate everyone’s advice. Ken

I ordered the 4TB Samsung QVO from Amazon; should be here this weekend. The install seems really straight forward. I am looking forward to it, and to retiring my spinning disc drive!

Any reason THIS

2 Tb is not preferred vs. that Samsung? It’s much cheaper than Samsung QVC for the same 2TB capacity

Look at respective manufacturers guarantees for a possible differentiator.

That uses TLC. Ignoring any brand or model-specific consideration, I’d prefer TLC to QLC. (This is a general statement and does not constitute a recommendation of any specific model.)

You prefer TLC over QLC?

According to Synology
TLC ~0.33 DWPD

DWPD = Drive Writes Per Day

The larger DWPD, the higher flash write endurance it has.

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But on the other hand, we’re talking about a “read-mostly” use case here, not a datacenter use case. I think I’m much more sanguine about using QLC for music storage, and it will be more cost-effective as well.