Samsung 860 EVO or 860 QVO?

I am seriously looking to install a 4TB SSD in my Nucleus, currently running a 4TB HDD for my approx 3.2TB of local music files. I do not expect my file library to expand much in the coming years, but I would like to protect my files and maximize performance.

The possibility of drive failure haunts me, even though I maintain backups.

This may be an “old” question, but it is “new” to me: Is the EVO worth the additional $100, or am I likely to be just as satisfied with the QVO?

I don’t want to go cheap, but saving a hundred bucks is worth asking about, IMO.

I am interested in real-world experience, but I will accept theoretical as well.

Thanks for your time and knowledge.


The QVO is the best choice for music storage; you don’t “need” the EVO model.

See also:


Thanks! Just what I wanted to know!

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