SSD drive for Nucleus+

The SATA interface is not the limiting factor, the filesystem is. Ext4, the filesystem used with Nucleus and Rock, has a maximum filesystem size of 1EB and maximum filesize of 16TB. Therefore, if you can physically fit it in the box, it should work.

Thanks Mike, that’s an important infomation.
I Have just install the Micron 7.68 TB SSD and it runs very well.
Installation and formating is easy and the import of the DSD music files also.


Excellent info. I ordered mine yesterday, and should be installing it tomorrow.

Is the 860 EVO worth the extra bucks over QVO?

For me it was. You dont want to take unnecessary risks with your music collection just to save a few bucks.

But all depends on your priorities.

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Well - it depends. If we’re talking about the SSD being used for music storage, then frankly, a QVO variant is the best buy. That’s because there will be far fewer write cycles than there are read cycles - and it’s write cycles that determine the wear and tear on your SSD. This article gives the full background:


Hello Goeff_Coupe,

is there any detailed KB information about SSD change / upgrade at Nucleus+,
for example from 4TB internal to 8TB internal?
I need information about the individual process steps.

Thanks and greetings from near Basel


There’s not a specific KB article detailing the individual process steps for an SSD Change/Upgrade at the moment.

I would have thought that the process would be fairly straightforward though?

  1. Make sure you have a backup of the music files of your existing internal storage device (SSD or HDD)
  2. Open up the Nucleus+ and change the existing drive for the new one. Use this guide for installing an internal storage device as the basis for what you need to do:
  1. Once the new drive is installed, you need to format/initialise it using this guide:
  1. Restore the music files you backed up in step 1 to the new drive.

Hello Geoff_Goupe,

thank you for your quick answer.
Hardware SSD replacement is not the / my problem,
here I am practiced.
What is the detail process for an existing Nucleus system with an internal 4 TB SSD full of music files
and is to be exchanged to one with 8 TB.

All previous Roon Nucleus music file tag edits should be taken over.

It gets a bit more complicated,
there is also an external USB 4 TB SSD,
which is also full,
but should continue to exist as an external SSD (PC-based).

I am primarily concerned with the detail process,
what has to be considered and what I have to do and how,
that with the SSD change all previous music file tag edits
to the new SSD and the external SSD
be taken over / are applicable,
without having to re-enter everything again,
that about 7000 CD albums.

Many thanks and greetings from near Basel


Translated with (free version)

Both the old (4TB) SSD and the new (8TB) SSD will be in the same physical location: the internal storage of the Nucleus+.

So they will have the same name and location in Roon’s Storage Settings, I expect it to be something like: “Nucleus+ Internal Storage”.

For a trouble-free change, you should make sure that the file and folder structure for your 8TB SSD is the same as it was for your 4TB SSD. Check that your Backup software (or File Copying software) will do this.

It is, of course, always a good idea to make sure that you have backed up your Roon Database (which contains all your tags, edits, and system settings) using Roon’s Backup function (Settings > Backup) as a safety measure before changing your SSDs.

However, because, as far as Roon is concerned, all your files and folders are still in exactly the same place (although in a bigger container - the 8TB SSD), everything should remain exactly as it was: all your tags and edits will be preserved.

Samsung 8TB SSD

Hello Geoff_Goupe,

thank you for your information.

The music files on the old internal 4 TB SSD

were automatically stored according to the Roon-Linux format.

These music files cannot be read out safely with Windows 10 64bit

(via MAC it is possible, but I do not have a MAC).

So I have read it here in the forum.

This means that all music files of the internal old SSD,

must be copied from a separate backup drive to the new internal 8 TB SSD, via Lan network.

With approx. 1.3 TB, this took approx. 20 hours, how long does it take with 4 TB music file data? (can be calculated in three sentences).

I need for this process detailed informations.

Thank You for Your help

Michael Strickrodt

I don’t think that you are correct.

I have a NUC running ROCK - so it is the same operating system (Roon OS) that is used in the Nucleus/Nucleus+. It has a 1TB HDD that has been formatted by Roon OS in exactly the same way as it is done for a Nucleus/Nucleus+.

It is perfectly possibly to both read and write files and folders on this storage drive using Windows File Explorer. I also use Allway Sync to make and restore Backups of the music files and folders on this drive. Allway Sync runs on my Windows 10 PC.

I think you two are talking about different things…

The internal drive from Roon OS is formatted EXT4, which Windows nor MacOS can read natively. There are tools to let you read it, but its not stock.

If your goal is to move from 1 internal drive to another, the easiest way is to use a large USB drive as an intermediary storage location.

There are many other ways to pull it off, but it will require expertise and access to more software.

Where did you buy your Nucleus+? Maybe your dealer can assist? If there is interest, I can see if our RMA department (which often deals with repairs and installs) could offer this as a service going forward for direct sales.

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Hello Geoff_Coupe,
thank you for your information.
I did not know the software Allway Sync yet.
It can read Linux based formatting up to 4 TB and about 40’000 music files correctly?

To change the SSD, please see this thread:

Here you can also find a step by step instruction for the change of the internal SSD to a new bigger SSD.
Unfortunately this step by step instruction is available from Roon Lab
not tested, which is very frightening and also unsettles me,
as there is absolutely no complete and therefore correct information on this topic here in the Roon Community.

Steps for changing the smaler internal Music Drive to an larger new one:

Actual Process Step, Version from Gerald_Schrader 21 May 2019:

  1. Backup Roon database.

  2. Go to Nucleus log-out page: Log out of Nucleus (Go to Settings, General and click Logout)

  3. Shut down Nucleus from Nucleus web admin page

  4. Disconnect the Nucleus from the electric power

  5. Remove / replace internal storage SSD to an larger one.

  6. Connect the Nucleus to the electric power.

  7. Power up Nucleus from Nucleus web admin page

  8. Go to Nucleus web admin page 1.-stop the server software.

  9. From Nucleus web admin page format new SSD with nucleus.

  10. From Nucleus web admin page 2.-stop the server software.

  11. Copy music files across the network from the storage backup location (PC) to new internal SSD in
    If asked for a username and password, use «Guest» for both.

  12. From Nucleus web admin page restart server software.

  13. Go to Nucleus log-in page: Log in of Nucleus (Go to Settings, General and click Login)

  14. restore Roon database

Comment: Those instructions look good, most importantly:

  1. shut down from the [admin web page 2]
  2. physically swap the drive 1
  3. power up, initialize from the admin webpage 1,
    and copy your music over

Thank You for your help.

Greetings from near Basel


Hello Danny,

I bought my Roon Nucleus+ (rev.B) in Switzerland, in Oct.2019, S/N: 54B2030BBD6.

I have not received any understandable, complete and applicable information from the Swiss importer.
I was informed that he does not pass on such information to end customers, or at least only against payment.
Super Swiss service!!!

Recommendation for the Roon Nucleus rev.C:
please provide connection options there for 4 additional internal SSD’s.

Thanks for your help.

Greetings from near Basel



These instructions are essentially the same as those I gave you earlier, with two additions:

  • Logging out/Logging in of the Nucleus
  • Stopping the Roon Server before formatting and copying across the backup of your music files.

The first (Logging out/Logging in) is not necessary.

The second is certainly a good idea, and I agree that stopping the Roon Server is advised when copying across large numbers of albums.

Note that your IP address for the Web Administration page is set by your router, and may be different to what Gerald quotes.

Hello Geoff_Coupe,
thank you for your information.

It may be that you have named the one and the other,
unfortunately I did not understand your explanation.

Please excuse that I did not understand this in your info:

“The first (Logging out/Logging in) is not necessary.”

The first Logout is in pos. 2.
The first login is in pos. 13

Please excuse me, I cannot find the second logout / login,
where do you think it should be positioned?

What do you mean by

“Note that your IP address for the Web Administration page is set by your router, and may be different to what Gerald quotes.”

I do not understand this statement and ask you to provide more detail about this info please.

The server software may need to be stopped twice,
when the server automatically reconnects after the 1st stop,
this is how it was described in the above mentioned Threet (this is how I understood it).

I ask for your understanding,
I want to understand this process and document it very precisely for others and for me,
so that no mistakes are made, which takes a lot of time.

Thanks for your help

Best wishes from near Basel


I now see that you have asked this question (and been answered) over at @Gerald_Schrader’s original thread.

Follow the steps you have already documented:

Very interesting topic!
I am thinking to move my music files inside my nucleus on a 2.5 ssd. Currently, music files are on a NAS. What are the concrete advantage doing that move? (I am having a hard time understanding if it is worth it.)