Advice to better sound quality from digital sources

Hi guys,

Need some tips on the first steps to better sound quality from digital sources (currently Spotify).

My current system:
Denon avr-x2700
Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Series Anniversary Edition
Q Acoustics 3070S Active Subwoofer

What would be my biggest bang for buck?
New DAC? More musical Amp? Music Streamer?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

For spotify, the spotify connect app built in to your denon avr will give you the best sound with your existing setup. Can’t really do better than that, and it sounds pretty good.

Do you have roon and a core server somewhere on your network? Are you looking to switch to Tidal or Qobuz?

Hi @SKBubba , thanks for the message.
I don’t have a Roon and/core server on my network. What are the benefits of that?

The reason I haven’t switched to Tidal is my amp can’t connect via Tidal connect, so I have to use Airplay, which is quite close to what I’m getting through Spotify. I’m hoping Spotify HiFi comes to South Africa when it gets released.

Roon is software that catalogs your music, local or streaming from Tidal or Qobuz, and provides extensive multi-zone playback with DSP. You can read more about it here:

If the main thing you are looking for is Tidal Connect, something like a Bluesound Node would work. Bonus, it can be a roon ready endpoint if you ever decided to go that direction. The Node can attach to your Denon avr via toslink or coax for digital playback.

Spotify (currently) is basically MP3 quality. It can only get better from here with just about any other streaming option.

Almost always, for a question like this, the biggest bang for your buck would be room conditioning. But to do that, you’d need to have something to perform the DSP that usually requires, like a Roon Core (which requires a Roon subscription).


Good point. His Denon has Audyssey, which does a pretty good job. Presumably the op has run it.


Yeah, seeing that I can’t connect to Tidal connect I guess my best investment would be a streamer? @wizardofoz

Highly recommend anything from Lumin. D2 is a great place to start or M1 if you just want to hook up a pair of speakers and go for it…simplicity at its best. if you have a DAC alreadyy then U1 Mini is a sweet setup too.

Thanks @wizardofoz. Looks nice, but it costs more than my whole current system :frowning:

Any more affordable options you’d recommend?

I don’t yet own a dac.

If you want something stream (ethernet/wifi) to speaker or analogue out then cheapest is DIY with Raspberry Pi and a HAT… look at

Something like this? @wizardofoz

Blue sound note 2i is a great streamer

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This web site may be be of interest for you to explore:- I have an equivalent price bracket Marantz receiver but do not this for music services, as I prefer my separate stereo set-up and Sonos Port streamer for this.