After 2.0 build 1223 upgrade, ALL local files "unavailable"

Roon Core Machine

Mac Pro (Late 2013), 6 Core 3.5Ghz Xeon E5, 64 GB RAM
macOS 12.6.3 (Most recent supported version)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, 10GBe, to AT&T Modem/Router on 1Gbps fiber.

Shouldn’t matter anyway, since we’re talking ALL local files and playback.

Connected Audio Devices

System Output (Built-In)
Chord DAVE/Blu MKII (USB, no hub)
Linn Klimax DSM Organik (Ethernet)

Number of Tracks in Library

BEFORE this issue, on this library, 18,500+ tracks
Library is on a directly connected USB 3/C 10TB hard drive

Description of Issue

Roon 2.0 build 1223 displays “Unavailable” for ALL of my LOCAL tracks. Thus it is impossible to play them.

Streaming tracks added to my library, from both TIDAL and Qobuz show up as normal.

Log shows my library drive is “Offline” because “Drive Not Ready”.

Drive is online and accessible to everything else. Roon is marked as having Full Disk permission to it. And Roon itself can see and access it (see below).

  • Removing/re-adding storage makes no difference.
  • Forcing a rescan does nothing.
  • Cleaning up the library made no difference.

However, if I do the following, the library and my local tracks becomes temporarily available (and will play) again:

  • DISABLE the storage location.
  • Exit my Roon Core.
  • Start my Roon Core.
  • ENABLE the storage location.

Instantly my local tracks become available and playable.

This works until I exit my Roon Core, and then restarting it shows all the local tracks as unavailable again.

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Your issue seems to be related to this: Lost Library after installing build 1223

I cannot help you with your problem, but have you rebooted everything? From router to switch, from pc to endpoint etc.?

I did all the usual troubleshooting before even thinking about coming to the support forum. The problem is clearly with something that changed in Roon (or one of its dependencies) in 1223 update.

I’m not the only one with the issue; and its clear from other reports that it doesn’t just affect macOS (there are reports on here from both Windows and Roon Nucleus users of the same issue).

It’d be nice to at least get acknowledgement of the issue from Roon, and better still if they could indicate a) if they can reproduce it and b) when a fix might be coming.

You’re right, I would have expected some response from @support by now.

Hey @Torq,

You have my apologies for the delay in following up! We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating a solution as quickly as possible.

I’ll keep you in the loop as things progress, I thought it helpful to share the tracking thread on this issue as well: