After A Great Sounding Headphone Dac Amp £500 Budget

(gary peers) #1

im after a headphone dac amp for more critical listening than on my denon 4500 av amp would also like one with dsd playback to try out and mains powered.
my budget is £500 dont mind buying used

my setup at the moment
nuc rock
denon avr 4500
b&w p7 headphones

(Ralph Pantuso) #2

You can’t go wrong with this little beauty. And yes I own one and it sounds fantastic!

(Philo Melos) #3

Try Chord Mojo. One of the best for its price to my ears. I also have the pre box. Not too bad either.


(Ged) #5

Is there a Networked roon end point, DAC and headphone amp all in one? So not a usb end point.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #6

Yes, Ralph pointed you to the Project Box above

(Ged) #7

I’ve rephrased my question, I was after an all in one network attached end point, DAC, amp.

(Ralph Pantuso) #8

I believe that an iPhone or decent android smart phone would fit the bill otherwise there may be a few rather expensive “audiophile” all-in-ones. But most of those are integrated amps with perhaps a decent headphone jack.

(Daniel Beyer) #9

Are you looking for a portable solution? If so, then the Chord Poly/Mojo combination would work. Although that is nearly double the OPs budget.

(Ged) #10

I do vaguely keep track but there are so many hardware releases happening that I thought one might have slipped me by.
I use a Pi, spdif converter, naim unitiqute at the moment as the qute also drives my office speakers.
But it doesn’t really grip my HD 650s so I am in ponder mode…

(Reader of the Internets) #11

I just ordered a Topping DX3Pro for my HD650’s, but it doesn’t have the network connection you want.

(Ged) #12

That looks good I guess I could run that off a pi?

(Reader of the Internets) #13

ASR loved it. I intend to run it off a USB port from a Mac Pro.

(Ged) #14

ASR? (Padding to meet minimum post length added)

(Daniel Beyer) #15

Audio Science Review website. The guy running it focuses on measuring audio equipment.

(Ged) #16

Ah yes knew of the site not the acronym.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #17

Yes. Bluesound Node 2i.

(Ged) #18

Oh right thanks I’ll go look.

(Ralph Pantuso) #19

I did take a look at the specs and have two simple questions:

What are the specs for the headphone output?

How does one control the headphone volume?

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #20

No clue on headphone specs. Personally, I’ve never used the 3.5mm headphone jack. You never mentioned what 'phones you are using, which make a real difference on the need for a dedicated amp.

Volume control is via the BluOS app (desktop or mobile - it’s nice, by the way).

What I am setting up at my office: Node 2i + Lehmann Audio Rhinelander head amp. I recently added a new solid state head-amp to my head-fi table at home, so the Lehmann is heading into work.

But there are many, low-cost, good sounding amps. The Schiit offerings are popular, as well as the Alex Cavalli MassDrop amps.