After adding tracks 1.3 core seems to have hung?

Hi @support

I added some albums into 1.3 (latest) and the scanner seems to have stuck? crashed on importing 1 item?

Its been unchanged for over an hour now with 1 item being added?

All mac and android clients become sluggish and don’t display anything in ‘Overview’ or ‘Discover’

I have changed ‘Background Audio Analysis’ screen from 8 cores to 6 to 2 to Throttled with seemingly no change in responsiveness of the clients?

I have made a video of the scenario that I hope help to explain.

Running latest versions with server running on Unraid inside a docker.

Playback is fine, even with upscaling and my machine is as follows;

M/B: Supermicro - X10SL7-F
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz
Cache: 256 kB, 1024 kB, 8192 kB
Memory: 32 GB (max. installable capacity 32 GB)
Network: bond0: IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation, mtu

Thanks in advance

Edit: Just lost connection to the server from all clients without warning. The server is still showing as running, but had to restart the docker to regain connections.

After the restart … did the scanner get stuck again or is it ok now?

It whistled through 135 and is now stuck at 135 for 10 mins so far…

Interface is stuck on the roon logo updating in the centre of the screen, with no data behind it, as per the video.



I also note that once the import of new albums is complete, the interface remains laggy and the roon logo appears with no data behind it.

Its as though the import services are taking too many resources to allow the interface to operate.

The server is at single figure % usage.

Had a similar issue. I added to albums and Roon got fussy. It would not play a Tidal album and the radio que was not stable. It was about a 10min blip before things got back to normal. During this time, Roon was scanning what i think were changed library files.

Update: Stuck at 135 but now analysed 94, but stuck there all night …

Restarting the server allows this to restart again, but the problem starts again during import…

Hi thanks for the updates, I’ll leave a tag for @support to follow up with you.
I suspect they will want to look at your logs.

I had the same problem.

Hi @mannp and @Vassil_Pertchinkov ---- Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the troubles here.

@mannp, since you have already provided us with the details of your setup, I’d like to grab some logs from you while you’re in the state so my developers can have a look at what may be going on here.

Can you zip up a set of your Roon logs for me, and upload them to Dropbox (or similar)? You can just post the links in this thread. The Logs folder from your Roon database folder can be found here.

Alternatively, if you don’t have Dropbox, let us know and someone from @support will send you information about uploading the logs directly to us.

@Vassil_Pertchinkov, if you are indeed still experiencing this issue may I kindly ask you to first provide a brief description of the behavior you have/are observing and also describe the details of your setup.


Hello Eric,
I just fixed. Had to disable all the paths in the music library and reconnect them again.
That worked!
Thank you for your help,

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Hi @Eric @support

See attached.

Logs Attached

I have tried disabling and reenabling my path to my music files and will see if it solves my problem too?

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Hi @mannp ---- Thank you for the logs, confirming that they have been received :thumbsup: I’d say give it a shot and see how it goes. Looking forward to your feedback!


Thanks for the conformation of receipt @Eric

I’ll keep you informed, but please don’t wait for my reply before looking at the logs :smirk:

I’ve already added them back going from 193 to 194 build, so not sure how adding them back again will help… but am open to any long term solution.

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Didn’t work for me. Core just hung again and seems to be related to the importing.

Had to restart again to get it going again.

Hey @mannp – I just noticed this in your original report:

Right now, Roon does not officially support bonded networking interfaces and it’s not something we’ve ever tested in house, so you may want to disable that configuration as a test to see if things get better.

Hi @mike

My server has it and 6 dockers use it including roon without issue up to v1.3 (193), so its not something i can easily change.

I’ve had no issue whatsoever up until v194 forced me to reenter my storage locations, even though they were working on 193.

It seems that while importing new albums roon 1.3 (196) totally focusses on import and analysis, irrespective of the settings.

Once importing and analysis has fully completed I am back to normal.

If any analysis is ongoing I get the effects described.

This doesn’t make any sense with a server at 9% cpu with 6 dockers running.