After changing ISP, Roon is a little confused

I just switched to a new ISP, and have a new router handling NAT and DHCP for my local network. Nothing should have changed for the box running the roon server (Intel NUC running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, roon version 1.5 # 363 64-bit on both the server and macos remote). Server has a fixed LAN address.

Music playing from server to appletv endpoint is working (I left it running during the WAN switchover as a canary).

And yet:

I seem to experience occasional stops during playback that did not happen before.
The roon server now reports an error checking for updates.
The roon server cannot retrieve account information for the Settings/Account page
Internet radio no longer works, with a complaint that addresses have changed.

I’ve rebooted the server machine, no improvement in behavior.

Just a guess: any DNS settings that should get updated on the NUC after the ISP switch?

excellent guess! names are not being resolved.
i’ll get to that later this evening and close the ticket
if things improve.

yep, all fixed. thanks for the reminder about DNS.

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