After export Track names are different according to which os the core is installedd on

I want to ask about export feature. @support

When you export an album , is roon file naming/tagging behaviour different between macos and windows… refarding all operation is performed on the core.

Assuming the album you are exporting is identified by Roon as exactly the same album with all the same metadata, there shouldn’t be any differences between different OS’s for the Roon core. There is one small difference based on the OS of the computer on which the remote is running: On Windows file names are truncated to 70 characters, on other systems they are truncated to 100 characters. I think this only really comes up for some classical albums with particularly long movement/part names.

@support In short , The problem is that some files I exported on windows core cannot be seen on hard disk when the harddisk is connected to macos

the file names look the same but when I look at it from the command window they are named differently.
The first one is renamed by roon running on a windows core and macos cant see the file on external harddisk ( I guess invalid filename for macos)

The second one is exported by roon running on mac mini core.

both are the exports of the same audio tracks and identified exactly as the same by roon ( version…etc)

When I am organizing my audio files after I rip them or buy them, I identify them by roon on a windows core and export to an external harddisk.

I connect the harddisk to a macmini running roon server. However I have seen that some of my files have gone missing which I noticed a bit late ( 40000 tracks) .

I noticed it when I scanned my library on a windows machine and about 3000 more tracks were found …

I renamed all missing tracks one by one ( using contigious tracks filtering option ) … detected tracks that were missing and renamed them all …

The issue is present when track names contain special characters such as german French or Spanish and roon renames track files as seen in the above capture like Ä É è ä

I renamed all files but made a copy of a pair with this issue in case you need to inspect

Hi @Serkan_Kuyumcu ----- Thank you for your continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience!

Moving forward, as per the request of our tech staff, would you kindly please provide me with the following materials (see below) via a “shared” dropbox link for analysis.

  1. A copy of the original files before export.

  2. A copy of the newly exported files.


Hi @Serkan_Kuyumcu ----- Thank you for the PM follow up, very appreciated!

I wanted to touch base with you to let you that our techs believe that the provided media should be enough for us to work with. If the team requires any additional assets for testing purposes I will contact you right away.

Your patience is very appreciated while our team looks into this behavior.


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not that I have the problem anymore since I have exported all missing files using macos but I wonder if you have been able to reproduce the same problem

Is this solved in build 291

•Tags with unicode no longer truncated when exporting --> was this my problem

No, I think this was a different issue.

I took a look and your issue is still open in our system, so we are still planning to look into this soon. Please let us know if you’re seeing any change with the latest release @Serkan_Kuyumcu – if not, I’m sure we can get this working once your issue gets to the top of our queue.

Thanks for your patience!

In the meanwhile i do all exporting using macos rather than wndows. Son no big deal. But iprefer to do it on windows when it is stable

I did not try this on 1.4. I ll give feedback after i do

Hi @Serkan_Kuyumcu,

I am looking into this, and have the beginnings of a theory as to what is going on. One question: Do you know how your external drive is formatted? You can get this from the Mac system by right clicking on the drive name under “devices” in the left sidebar in Finder, and then selecting “Get Info”.


all my external drives are formatted exfat

my windows pc is NTFS

However I do all the export process on my windows pc.
In detail when I rip a cd or download an album, I export it to a folder that is already on my windows pc (NTFS). I connect the external drive (exfat) to my windows pc, then move the files to the external HDD. When I connect the external drive to my macmini core certain files are not seen by mac.
However if I perform all this on a macos computer there is no problem.
And the files I have sent you one of them is renamed by roon running on macos and the other one on a windows pc

This problem still exists.
Is there any solution yet? or have you been able to reproduce the same problem?
The problem is still there regardles of hard drive format.
To my understanding, when I export a file identified by roon, roon core names the file differently on macos and windows. The file names are the same on windows however they are different when I check them from the command windows

For example;

I believe the problem is with filenames containing Spanish or French characters