After installing Windows updates all Roon bridge audio (output) settings are reset/lost

I’ve configured a Windows 11 PC as Roon bridge, which functions great. However, everytime (automatic) Windows updates have been installed all audio (output) settings are reset/lost. The zone will not be available until I re-enable and reconfigure the HDMI output (HD Audio Driver for Display Audio) again. (Twice, because Roon bridge recognizes the HDMI output as different devices when the TV is on or off)
Is this normal behaviour? Can I do something so that Roon bridge doesn’t lose it’s settings after Windows updates?
This doesn’t happen on my Windows 11 notebook(s) used as Roon device (remote control), but these use the “System Output”.

Try downloading and installing the OEM Sound Card driver . Windows updates often overwrite the OEM one with what it feels is best .

Worth a try. This was a common issue that seems to have subsided with recent updates.

There was one experience where the “little” computer speakers failed , a quick re-install fixed it

I am still on Win10 as my PC failed the compatabilty test , so it may be an 11 only problem. I updated yesterday with no issues

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest “HD Audio Driver for Display” from Intel. I encountered the same behaviour as described above: Roon Bridge reverts to factory defaults, all settings are reset/lost. I think it’s safe to say a driver update triggers this issue.
Let’s hope the manually installed driver prevents this from happening again (at least until the driver from Windows Update catches up with the manually installed driver).


Hi @Dennis_Mutsaers ,

Is it only the HDMI zone that displays this issue or does it impact other zones as well such as System Output or any USB DACs?

Hi @noris ,
I’m not sure, the HDMI zone is the only zone that’s in use/enabled.

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Hi @Dennis_Mutsaers ,

Is it possible for you to enable another zone and check to see if it is also impacted next time you update Windows?

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