After most recent roon and data base updates search is not working

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro 2021

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus wireless router (RT-AX86U)
Netgear Gear 12 port Gb switch
Mac(s) and Roon connected to Gb ethernet ports

Connected Audio Devices

USB > Nucleus + 16 GB RAM > Meridian 818 v 3 DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

it has been very hard if not impossible at times to connect to search–I’m continually asked to retry an artist or an album. This could be because the search term is not being deleted from the search box and I may be in a continuous loop, or because a long list of previous searches continues to appear It helps sometimes when I delete the search term and delete the long list and, in those cases, Roon delivers fast results of the search as it always has – but I don’t think these workarounds resolve the “unable to connect to search" problem. I’ve re-booted my entire system several times and the problem persists. When I close Roon and start it up an old search is spinning in the box. The fast results when I am able to connect suggests it’s not the size of my library, and everything else is working perfectly in Roon via my system as before the updates cc @noris @danny

@zenit is looking into this – something weird is going on

Yes. Willing to help trouble shoot.

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The whole update process was weird. I was able to resolve the nucleus+ not seeing a USB drive issue.

Do you have a large library in your local storage? Could you please try to disable it and see if the problem persists?

I don’t think either that the problem is a large library per se, but there might be some background processes that get in the way of search running correctly.

Yes, I have a large library on my QNAP. Have just shut it down leaving me with slightly under 1000 albums and the search works properly. One big difference I see right away is that while the search term remains in the search box and the list of previous searches is fairly long, beneath the box the search stops spinning almost immediately

Thank you for the swift response. This confirms my suspicion. At the moment, I can’t reproduce the issue locally, but I’ve notified our QA team about it.

For now, as a workaround, I recommend that you add only a small subset of the storage while we find a proper solution.

I’ll keep this ticket open and notify you as soon as we have a solution.

Thanks for your reply; my entire library is on the same QNAP, so I don’t think I can import only part of it. [Am I wrong?]

Depends on how it’s organized. In my case, I would disable the main music directory, and just add a few of the smaller sub-directories separately. Once the issue is fixed, you can just reverse this step.

I don’t have subfolders in music on my qnap and just re-started the nas so fingers crossed. I’ll be pleased to send log files to your QA people if that will help. This was a strange update that had a second delayed step of updating the data base too. Then I ran into the problem connecting a usb drive on which I back up the data base to my nucleus +. A friend of mine didn’t have to do the second step, and he’s had no problem with the usb/nucleus connection where his library is located

I think search may be working now; your people may have been working on it as something weird happened this morning as Roon suddenly spent a lot of time searching for the nucleus +

Correction: Roon search still not working for me

Search is still not working for me – at all. Which means that Roon is very difficult for me to use with my large library. A progress report would be welcome. cc @danny

A fix is currently being tested by the QA team, and it will be shipped with the next release.

Thanks; was wondering by now why I’d not even been asked to send my logs to Roon as in the past cc @danny

@Norman_Spector the latest update there should help. Please let me know.

I am having a similar problem ‘cannot connect to roon search’. Nothing is searchable. I have rebooted the core (on a Mac Mini) a few times, but it’s not working.

The search service is having some issues right now, it’s not related to the issues above. I apologize for it, we’re working on it.

Thanks; everything is working very nicely now – but I’ve yet to have to re-boot my nucleus + after the smooth update. Will let you know if the WEB UI route doesn’t work [which happens about half the time] and how many times/how long it takes to find the core. I raise this question because when @wes was helping me before the update he seemed to indicate that I should be coming back online very quickly after I press the power button

Thanks for the heads-up; won’t tempt fate!

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