After Roon 2.0 update Roon is none responsive on Mac Mini (Core) but controllable via iPad

Roon Core Machine

MacOS Monterey Version 12.6 (up to date)
Mac Mini (2018): 3.2 GHz 6 Core Intel Core i7: 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4: 167.55GB free on hard drive out of 250GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Mondem: Arris Touchstone CMB200
Router: Apple Airport Extreme
WiFi from router to MiniMac

Connected Audio Devices

Bryston BDA-3 via USB

Number of Tracks in Library

52,127 tracks (hard drive, seagate 5 TB) and Qobuz

Description of Issue

Since the Room 2.0 upgrade, Roon on the Mac Mini (Roon core) gets to varying levels, seemingly randomly, of start-up, from Roon loading artists to loading artists with graphics loaded to working until I try doing something with Roon on the Mac Mini, before it becomes non responsive and the dreaded spinning beachball on the Mac Mini. All the while, and even when Roon is none responsive mode, as stated by the MacMini, Roon is it controllable via an iPad. The problem happens when the hard drive and associated library are connected or disconnected (i.e. only utilizing Qobuz).

  • Mac Mini (Roon core running Roon 2.0, built 1128)
  • iPad (6th generation running software version 15.7 (up to date) and Roon 2.0, build 1127).

Did you get this resolved? I’m running Monterey 12.6 on my M1 Core and Roon says 1.8 is “up to date”. How did you get 2.0 installed, did Roon say there was an update for it?

I was able to upgrade from 1.8 to 2.0 after rebooting Roon via a Roon screen prompt, the same for the iPad. I once had to remove Roon from both and then reinstall in the past to upgrade. At the moment, after multiple restarts, Roon is stable on the core, as long as I do not control Roon via the core but via the iPad.It will be interesting to see what happens after the next powerboat or crash.

Hi @Robert_Cook1,

Is it possible to connect your core (Mac Mini) via ethernet and see if the issue persists? Roon recommends that your core be hardwired for the best possible experience. It also helps in eliminating odd networking issues.

Let me know. If you connect it via ethernet and it happens again, please note the date and time, get the core back up and running, then notify me here. I’ll pull diagnostics information and see what I can do to move this along for you. Controlling Roon via ANY compatible device should not be an issue and we need to resolve that for you.